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A whole life to share in pictures

Lifeview Images is a site that I designed and dedicated to my wedding photos. You may soon be able to find there pictures of other moments of life such as births.

Discretion, responsiveness, and attention to detail are the guidelines for the realization of my projects. Just like coordination and teamwork are elements to be taken into consideration in my opinion.

Because it is by capturing your most beautiful moments that using my device is pleasant. If these few words speak to you then go ahead and contact me to discuss your wedding or other project.

Julien Bardochan

Photos Of Couples From Paris To Tahiti

Couple photo taken in Paofai Gardens - Papeete - Tahiti
Small group wedding: 10 reasons to let yourself be tempted

Why opt for a small committee wedding? How to announce this decision to your relatives? These are questions that I will attempt to answer in this article. In the introduction I will start with the other possible choice which is that of the big celebration in order to review why this is a popular option. But you can click on […]

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Lifeview Images: Wedding Provider By Your Side

A photographer or videographer is not just a service provider. He is certainly an artist in his field but he is also and above all an advisor present on D-Day who is committed to sublimating and making your best moments timeless.

Whether you are looking for a service provider or not, take advantage of your visit to discover the items available. They deal with subjects such as “Renew your wedding vows“,“Choose your honeymoon destination" or "Tips for a successful marriage proposalTo name a few.

It's a safe bet that they could be useful to you or people close to you. They are to be shared without restrictions.
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