10 questions to choose a dj for a wedding

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10 questions to choose a dj for a wedding

Added to the preparations and the stress that can cause the organization of this particular day, choose the best DJ for a wedding may seem complicated.

Just like the choice of the caterer or the place of reception, it is an important element for the success of this unique moment. Here are 10 essential questions to ask to guarantee an atmosphere that meets your desires.

Do you have one or more favorite styles?

First and foremost, it is important that you understand your tastes. Take the time to think about it. Take a look at your last plays on Spotify, this will allow you to share them with the one who will be in charge of the animation of your wedding evening. Thus this service provider will have a more precise vision of your expectations.

Although calling on a DJ for a wedding presupposes that he is a professional capable of adapting, it is not uncommon for some to have a favorite musical style. Discussing this subject with him will help build a relationship of trust and see if you are on the same page. If this is not the case, do not panic, a good professional will be able to redirect you to a colleague more able to satisfy you.

Is it possible to choose your own pieces of music?

This moment is dedicated to you, so it is normal that you want to have the choice of certain titles which perhaps remind you of good memories with your partner. However, I recommend that you talk about it before the event.

You can, for example, provide it with a list of songs that you absolutely want to hear during the evening. Or on the contrary that you do not like at all to be able to direct him while leaving him freedom. This will allow him in particular to prepare his transitions. You don't go from one style of music to another just anyhow, do you?

What are your tips for getting guests to join the dance floor?

This is an important question because it can give you some insight into how your party will unfold. It is interesting to know the opinion of the DJ on this point, because it corresponds in a way, to his plan of action. 

More so, that's almost its selling point. By listening to it you should know if it would have convinced you to go dancing. He is the conductor of your musical entertainment and as a professional he should have some idea of his action plan. Things have to move on the dancefloor !!! You don't want your guests to fall asleep after dessert, that would be a shame ... 

Dance floor animation for a wedding
@ sasha.hvatit

What were your performances over the past 12 months?

This is a second question which will allow you to have a more precise idea of the professional with whom you are dealing. It is essential to know your past performances. Ask, for example, for his references (website, YouTube channel, videos, social networks, etc.). A good DJ generally communicates on the parties he hosts, because these represent in a certain way, the showcase of his activity. 

They will also give you an idea of the frequency of the weddings he hosts. Remember, however, that the frequency is a guarantee of notoriety but not necessarily of quality. Trust more customer reviews from other wedding services. 

Also, this will allow you to know if this service provider is more used to another type of service. Be careful, a good professional knows how to adapt as I said earlier. But it reminds me of the story of a young woman whose DJ for his wedding had arrived at the reception in jogging and basketball with four friends. Needless to say, she didn't like it ...

What are your needs for the big day?

So that the DJ of your event can exercise in the best conditions, it is important to question him about his needs. I find it interesting, for example, to have the possibility of scouting places before the wedding. This would allow him to understand the surface available to him as well as the number of usable sockets that are compatible with his sound equipment (and video, if necessary). If the presence of a stage is necessary (for a group of musicians, for example), remember to ask him if he is responsible for providing it and if it is included in the price or optional.

How is the service going?

Agree together on the course of the service. Time of arrival, installation of equipment, animation, speeches, storage etc ... It is preferable that you agree on how everything will unfold to avoid any bitterness. 

 A good professional must arrive early enough to have time to settle in properly without delaying the progress of the evening. It is also necessary to make the difference between the time of departure and the time of the end of the evening, because your service provider will need time to put away his equipment. 

Guests dancing at a wedding
DJ entertainment for a wedding © 5byseven

What equipment and services are included in the service?

I advise you to ask this to properly target the possibilities available to you. Remember that each provider is free to include or not certain services. If you want games of light, lasers, whether it is the host of possible games or even that there is a video projector to broadcast content to your guests, you need to know if this is possible. Likewise for the sound system, it can be provided by the DJ but also by the place of reception. 

Some DJs take care of everything, alone or accompanied but it is good to clarify all these points well before the event.

Do you know the place where we plan to get married?

Why might you tell me? Well because if this is the case it can be an important source of information. First, it is not necessary to try to organize a pre-visit if your provider has already organized in this place. He surely knows the constraints and specific equipment needs. He can also give you his opinion. Then there are sometimes things that we notice too late and that we would have liked to see before. Good or bad things for that matter. A DJ for a wedding can sometimes provide good decorating advice believe me!

Are you insured?

This question can be cold but it remains crucial. Any service professional must have civil liability insurance. This covers as much damage to his person and his equipment (turntables, sound system, etc.) as those caused by him or her. 

It is possible that this insurance will be requested by the owner of the premises that you are renting in particular. Needless to say, it's also important to sign a proper contract. And above all, I recommend that you avoid "professionals" who do not offer them to you.

In case of last minute unavailability, are there solutions planned?

A Professional DJ and foresight, should be able to offer you back-up solutions in the event of the unexpected. If a turntable or an amp dies during the evening, it is important that spare equipment is already on site to avoid having to be away too long and that the atmosphere suffers. 

As for having a replacement it is already more complicated and uncertain. However, a meticulous provider should be able to shave you off on this point. Some professionals are part of networks of "Wedding dj"and provide a replacement partner for this kind of case. This is not always the case and it is not necessarily a problem. But note all the same that a DJ who is not used to these events is not Do not necessarily rub shoulders with colleagues who are. Asking the question allows you to anticipate and avoid the worst.

What are your rates as a DJ for a wedding?

Finally here is the famous question so obvious that I do not even count it. I chose to put this question behind because it often has a big psichological impact. If the advertised price is far above or below your expectations, this may strongly guide your decision. 

But in the event that you decide to compare the prices of different DJs for a wedding, you will have to compare what is comparable. And starting with the previous points should get you there. Remember: entertainment, lighting, sound systems, group of musicians. All of these factors and more can affect the cost of their offerings. "Can I get a quote?" It can be useful ;-).

Whatever your budget, be careful about the prices that are too advantageous, they could hide poor entertainment or the use of low-end equipment. You should also inquire about hourly rates, which can vary depending on the day and night, as well as travel costs. Finally, remember to find out about the refund and cancellation policy, which could be useful in the event of the unforeseen.

Tell me in the comments what are the essential points for you to choose a DJ for his wedding. Perhaps this will complete this long article and help other bride and groom. 

Looking forward to reading you...


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