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Long before Lifeview ... Julien

"I like your style, your way of being with people. We feel that you like what you do and I want it to be you who take the photos of the wedding ”

That's what a complete stranger told me one day in the evening. And if you visit this site today it is largely linked to the trust that this dear Dario has placed in me.

wedding photographer paris portrait Julien

i tell you everything

Or almost

Couple photo taken abroad #039;


I prefer to be behind the lens.

Like many, I am not comfortable with a goal. This is why I like to take pictures on the spot rather than directing and having them pose ...

Wide angle shot taken in Asia


Before I did not like wide angles.

I am more fond of portraits and close-ups, wrinkles on details. But traveling taught me to step back and give context to my images

Close up alliances directed by Julien Bardochan wedding photographer IDF - Lifeview Images


I'm not married.

Some would say it's imperative to capture the beauty of a marriage. However, I haven't started yet. By cons I already know which photographer I will call and you?


My GPS thinks I've already been around the world.

I like to travel, to discover new places, customs of languages, rhythms of flavors ... And I still have a lot of countries to discover ....
So wherever you are contact me ;-).

I look at my album and tears run down my face [...]
You did a wonderful job, in addition to supporting me ...
Buffet photography of a reception in Paris

we are not born wedding photographer

My journey

Let's go back to what allowed Dario to meet me the evening when he convinced me to take the photos of my first marriage

At the time I was event photographer in Paris mainly in Afro-Caribbean evenings. Random lights, people on the move, what better way to get your start? 

In another life I also organized myself events in Paris and group trips abroad to end up appreciating them more through the lens.

From the night in Paris to the world of marriage

Training and practice

I learned a lot by myself through practice. I took photos during clips or concerts, patiently waiting for the best moment to capture the best shot of artists like Kery James, Kalash, Fally Ipupa, Admiral T and many more. 

But when it comes to an event like a wedding it is good to be very well prepared. To master its subject and its material. And I learned a lot with Ludovic Miranne during wedding reports in pairs. Then I followed a training course at the Image School: Les Gobelins.

Fally Ipupa on stage in Paris

Wedding photographer in Paris and everywhere else.

Each image is a journey

I already liked the wedding photo before I start traveling like I do now. But seeing the world taught me to pay even more attention to little things.

Procession photographed by Julien wedding photographer in Paris

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