"A wedding photographer is much more than just a provider. He is an advisor for the couples whom he accompanies before, during and sometimes even after one of the most important days of their life"
It was this sentence that marked the beginning of Lifeview. The goal? Share with you useful information and content that can answer your questions and inspire you.

But also allow you to understand some of the providers that you may need to contact.

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Find here articles on the organization of the wedding that suits you. Practical advice ranging from the choice of the engagement ring, until the honeymoon

Tips to save money, mistakes to avoid, things you can do yourself, you will know everything! And you are welcome to share your experiences of course! Comments are welcome. 

On Lifeview, you will also discover new trends and the work of artists from all over the world with images of real reports but also editorial content.

And since marriage is just one stage of a couple's life, we have chosen to address this theme also in our content. 

We are moving forward with you! The articles are the fruit of research but also and above all of exchanges with couples. So keep inspiring us. 

Let us discover your customs, traditions, countries and regions. Join us on social networks and share your most beautiful events with the hashtag #lifeviewblog 

Weddings are magical times

There is no doubt about it and this is the second reason that led to the creation of this wedding blog.
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