How AliExpress can help your budget

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Update : 28/05/2021
How AliExpress can help your budget

Online commerce has taken a new turn in recent times and several sites have specialized in the field. Whether you are already a user, or if you are a little reluctant, you have probably heard of AliExpress, one of the big players in this field ?! Well, in this article you will find out several things about this platform.

But what does this have to do with our wedding portal will you tell me? Well, since many of you have asked us how to optimize your wedding budget, this article is part of the answer, just like the one we shared with you on sponsoring the event. Of course this does not only apply to marriage, but you will see that this event lends itself particularly well. Moreover, do not hesitate to share if you appreciate the article or if it can be useful to relatives.

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AliExpress: what exactly is it?

AliExpress is a leader in e-commerce and a branch of Alibaba, also well known in the industry. Before going any further, remember that although these 2 names are similar, they are 2 very distinct sites, each having their own mode of operation.

AliExpress logo

This Chinese sales site provides you with a varied range of products from many brands in each field. It is a platform that connects suppliers and customers from all over the world.

Electronic commerce has undergone a huge expansion in recent years. Consumers' habits are changing, they are buying more and more products on the net and that AliExpress, as other players have understood. Moreover, if you are yourself a trader and have no online presence, perhaps it would be good to think about it (Closed parenthesis ^ _ ^).

What can you buy on AliExpress?

AliExpress has an endless selection of products that can be shipped almost anywhere. And contrary to what I have read on some articles, you can find all kinds of brands whether they are Chinese or not.

Electronics, shoes, clothing, furniture, spare parts, the list goes on and there is a good chance that you will find what you are looking for. It would also surely be easier to list what is not on this marketplace.  
This Chinese giant also enables suppliers to raise awareness of their products, thanks to a web platform available in more than 10 languages to date. 

Wedding decoration available on Aliexpress

When one thinks of purchasing from suppliers, one can very easily imagine large volume purchases. And besides, this is one of the points on which some people sometimes confuse the two "Ali". On AliExpress it is quite possible to order products individually or in small volumes at affordable prices.

Why is the AliExpress site cheap?

The notion of what is expensive and what is not depends on each person's reference point, and very often on the country in which one is located. Compared to the prices charged in Europe, for example, some smartphones and a variety of high-tech products are sometimes cheaper on the AliExpress e-commerce site. 

Plus, AliExpress often has free shipping despite the distance they travel before reaching you. Great deals paid for from China that reach you without you having to worry about shipping costs, and with no minimum purchase, that's pretty awesome isn't it? 

Where other e-commerce places the emphasis on extremely short delivery times, Ali "Express" puts more emphasis on price. The delivery method has something to do with it and will have an impact on the delivery times that can reach several weeks ... The site does not hide it and displays delivery estimates leaving the user in general a wide choice. paid delivery methods for faster reception.

Of course, if you are located in Asia, these deadlines will surely be even shorter, just as the concept of reduced price is not the same as explained above. 

It is this particular point which makes this site can be an asset for the budget of a wedding. Indeed, as this is an event that is generally prepared a long time in advance if you find your happiness there at a favorable price it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. Decorations, accessories for a dress-code for your guests, disguises for the photo corner the options are numerous. 

Apparently there are no VAT or customs charges applied to the end customer, two points which generally increase the price of the items purchased.   

Is the AliExpress site reliable?

As mentioned above, this platform is not a company that markets its own products. It sells different products from different suppliers and intended for the general public. Most of the sellers that you will find on this site are reliable but that does not exclude the possibility of stumbling upon some merchants who do not obey the clauses of the platform.

The merchant's note

There is a reward system on AliExpress where first-time sellers receive medals, others receive diamonds, and others receive crowns for the most trusted. This can be a help for you to know whether or not you want to go through a particular supplier. I would tend to select those who have a minimum of 3 or more medals and at least one year of experience.

Product quality

Each product is generally offered by several suppliers in order to give you more freedom of choice. Before making your choice, you can consult the opinions of previous customers to ensure quality and seriousness. 

These customer opinions are valuable indicators when we are faced with a catalog offering such a large range of products. Don't settle for the star rating and read the details. As much as possible, seek opinions from customers from the same country as you or from neighboring countries. You want to know how to order that product that attracts you has traveled to arrive at your next door neighbor. Also on electronic products, standards that may vary these comments may provide valuable information. However, do not turn around at the first negative comment, rather use it to form an opinion on the customer relationship and the supplier's after-sales service. 

Product guarantees

An unhappy customer has the freedom to give the seller a bad rating on AliExpress. This is why sellers most of the time try to find common ground with you if the product sent is not actually what you expected. You have of course the possibility of returning it to the seller but only in case of product not conforming to the description and not when you change your mind and no longer want the product in question. 

Refunds and disputes

Before you ask the question, know that yes, the AliExpress site offers the possibility of obtaining a partial, sometimes total, refund for your items under certain conditions that you will find at the footer of their site. 

Unusual payment methods?

AliExpress offers a variety of payment methods. It is possible that some of them are unknown to you because little or not present in your country of residence. In this kind of situation it is better to choose a payment method that you are used to. The site also offers two more specific payment methods: AliPocket and AliPay.

Alipay is a payment platform designed to simplify online transactions. It is possible to create an account there, in order to register one or more means of payment and then use the account created to make an online transaction without entering your card information on the merchant site. To put it simply AliPay is a wallet, comparable to Paypal, which some of you may be familiar with, with similar advantages such as a purchase protection system in particular. So you can find AliPay on other sites that accept this payment method. 

Alipocket is a system of pre-paid "gift" cards. There are different amounts that you can purchase for yourself or as a gift for use on the AliExpress site.

Be careful when you start shopping on AliExpress

If you decide to make your first purchases on AliExpress, especially the prices are below those charged in your region, remember anyway that these are expenses.

Faced with very low prices, we are sometimes tempted to want to buy everything and even what we do not really need. So for this site to really contribute to your budget as the title of this article indicates, it is important that it is not a source of compulsive shopping for you.

This advice is valid for purchases in general. I saw fit to specify it because in my entourage of the close relations became true fans. They shop there almost every week to the point of forgetting what they ordered the month before. Ahahah.

Others took advantage of it especially for their wedding which gave me the idea of this article in the hope that it will be useful to you. 


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