What does this Valentine's Day have in store for you?

My heart for valentine's day


At the risk of seeing in a comment “When we love it's all year round”, I will nevertheless affirm in writing. Yes! It is a date internationally known to be the day that celebrates Love and affection. And it's February 14, day of the Valentine's Day.

Very often, this day in mid February is an opportunity to take stock of a relationship.

Indeed Valentine's Day is notably known as the day of declarations, of "last minute" meetings.

Although it is less the case in Europe this date is also in certain countries a means of friendly exchanges without any romantic connotation.

And on the contrary, February 14 is very often the day of break-ups and hard awareness. But at the end of January we chose to cultivate the scent of romance for that particular day.

Valentine's Day UnionSo this date is often awaited by some couples as the moment of the concretization and the officialization going from a "I love you" to the famous "Yes! ". And if you are one of those who are currently thinking about the best time to put a knee on the ground, chances are that this date has gone by your head or that it has been suggested to you.

Beyond the atmosphere of the moment, you could find without looking too much for romantic weekend offers. Places decorated for the occasion waiting for you and your other half.

Applying for a wedding on Valentine's Day is a wise choice as it is a difficult date to forget.

It is true that we rarely forget how our own marriage proposal went, but things get tough when it comes to memorizing the date. And yet as we expressed in our article on the renewal of wedding vows Knowing how to remember the beginnings of a relationship is very often one of the keys to making it last over time.

A little, a lot, madly ...

But then will you tell me why stop at the marriage proposal and not directly celebrate it on February 14?

Well that could be a great idea!

 But you should keep in mind that this is one of the most requested dates for this type of celebration. And so you will surely go far ahead of it.

Likewise, do not shout on the fly if you notice an increase in the prices of room rentals and other services linked to the wedding on this date. But don't we say that when we love we don't count?

Beyond that if we keep in mind that among your guests will be couples celebrating this special day that is Valentine's Day, this could be an opportunity to involve them a little more in this event and make it even more more unforgettable.

Be careful, however, not to steal the show.

Finally if marriage is not part of your plans in the near future or on the contrary it already belongs to the past ... Remember that Valentine's Day remains a date conducive to the celebration of a union and the announcement of happy events to come…

For you Valentine's Day?

If you feel like it, share in the comments section below your best memory of Valentine's Day.

Looking forward to reading you.

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