Be a sensual woman and feel good about yourself

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Be a sensual woman and feel good about yourself

Women are not all the same. And so much the better! Each has its peculiarities, its character traits and its unique side. Some skin color, height, weight or whatever. Besides, remember this: it is possible for everyone to be a sensual woman provided of course that you want to.

There is a saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So dear, let's see together how to exhibit this part of you. This can have a noticeable effect on your relationship. But above all, it will be beneficial for you yourself. Let's see this together.

What is sensuality?

First of all let us draw a line on two myths. First of all, being a sensual woman does not mean being vulgar. And secondly, sensuality is not necessarily related to sex as others claim.

"Sensuality means anything that has to do with all forms of sensation caused by the five senses (hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, touching)" Wikipedia tells us. It reminds me of the artist's title Ne-Yo "Miss Independent". You might find him slightly cliché but as he puts it, "something about the way she moves, [...] I can't figure it out, something about her" Well, true sensuality is that, above all something that you feel.

In principle, no universal criterion exists on sensuality even if we sometimes have a mental image. Shy women can be seen as sensual as can those who express strong self-confidence. You can be sensual unintentionally or you can be sensual intentionally.

But if you want my opinion I would tell you that it is good to know that we are having an effect! And as Ne-Yo also mentions there are small details 

How to be a sensual woman?

Choosing to become a consciously sensual woman is above all a desire to please yourself. This is an added benefit that makes you more distinguished. 

Why not start with your beautiful face?

Look at yourself in the mirror. You are a beautiful woman, the first person you have to convince is yourself! 

And although makeup can emphasize certain features, know that the essential is already there. Start by appreciating yourself without pomp. At any age, one of the best assets is your smile. But in the broad sense because you don't have to show your teeth if it makes you uncomfortable. 

Look at yourself and smile at least with your eyes, you will see that it feels good. And it will also help you to receive the stares of others better. From there, the rest will only be accessory according to your tastes. Lipstick, eyeliner, hat ... You are spoiled for choice, however also remember that not making a choice is also a choice ...

Sensuality in a discreet smile

Let's go down a little now

sensual woman in front of mirror

Your body ... You too must learn to appreciate it whatever your morphology. Learn to look at it without criticism. Do not try to hide it under loose clothing. 

Be careful, I'm not saying that to be a beautiful and sensual woman you have to undress. Just seeing yourself as you are because the more you turn your head the less you will accept yourself.

Choose outfits you want to wear rather than clothes you think you deserve. Sheer lingerie isn't just for models, and curves don't make you ugly. 

And if you really have a hard time accepting your physique, don't keep this hurt inside of you. Many solutions exist nowadays, the following point is an effective and free first step. 

Accept compliments and know how to play them

It is not much, but it is very important. When you get a compliment, you deserve it! Look no further even when you know full well that the gesture is not selfless. Do not ask yourself the question just settle for a politely thank you.

If the same compliment comes from a different person then you have identified an asset. Being a sensual woman is also knowing what her strengths are and highlighting them when you want to. Do you have beautiful legs? Why deprive yourself of highlighting them? 

Also do not refuse high heels to avoid a "pretty butt". If, however, the behavior is derogatory, put things back in their place unequivocally.

Make the difference between "blue looks good on you" and "I love your T-Shirt". In one case the compliment is intended for you in the other it may be a wish to purchase. 

Take care of yourself or find someone to do it

Do not try to be a sexy woman to be sensual above all, be well groomed. Your hair, your hands your feet ... Enjoy taking care of yourself and you may observe the fact that this development is communicative.

female well-being

But before you even rush to a salon or institute, start by getting enough rest. Also I invite you to test mediation at least once. Put aside the a priori and you will discover the benefits of letting negative emotions pass without even trying to forget them. 

The camera loves you

Now that we have seen the simple elements already present in your daily life, let's take a look at some more advanced techniques.

A session with a professional photographer is a great way to discover or rediscover the attractive woman in you. For this, choose a service provider for whom you will have good feedback on the artistic direction. Ideally thanks to someone who has already called that person. 

The boudoir style is the one that is most associated with sensuality, but if you are not used to photos, a portrait session is already very good. You are in a relationship? Do it together you might appreciate. 


Make way for dancing! What better way to awaken the senses after all? Dance can provide you with a posture, a balance, a gait, help you adapt your rhythm and better perceive spaces. At an advanced level this discipline also teaches you to capture attention. It is also very useful for controlling your breath, and for reducing the risk of panic attacks. 

Among the most sensual dances there is pole dance, as well as belly dancing and practicing these dances does not make you unapproachable women. If, however, you are looking for an alternative, I suggest kizomba. Here is a video if you don't know yet:

You build

To be more sensual, it's important to maintain some self-esteem at all times. This is a process that can take time but is generally very beneficial.  

It is okay to train gradually at home. In addition to smiling, you can speak in front of your mirror if that helps. Don't demean yourself in front of your negatives. Rather, get up and turn it all into some wonderful things.

For this also consider reading because to accept yourself sometimes you have to understand yourself and to achieve this you have to take a step back, question yourself. A book doesn't judge you, it gives you food for thought. Remember, however, that it is actions that make the changes. Here are 2 titles that I recommend:

Let's talk about desire

Yes, in this article I told you that sensuality is not necessarily linked to a sexual aspect and I would like to end by indicating that it is not devoid of it for all that. 

A sensual woman is fully aware of who she is but also of what she wants and assumes it once again. The simple act of glancing and holding a glance at someone who attracts us can be a mark of sensuality. 

Try you will see. Observe someone you like and say in your head "I want you". Words are important don't think "I like you" or "not bad". Have a strong drive. If you get a look back, don't linger for more than 2 seconds and then move on. 

If one day you do that, especially come back to share on this blog the feeling that you will have felt. Being a sensual woman is a choice that must be made. So, take your courage in both hands and go for it, not with your head bowed, but with your shoulders well erect. Do it for you but know that it can also be a magic ingredient after a few years in a relationship. It is also an excellent remedy to overcome a breakup and move on.  

I hope you enjoyed this article and if so I invite you to share it with a friend, colleague or sister who might also like it. 



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