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An original wedding blog made by wedding photographers. Ideas, tips, trends, for weddings, EVJF, and much more…
In this blog find articles whose subjects are chosen based on your comments, suggestions and exchanges with couples planning a wedding but not only ...

Soon you will also be able to find on this original wedding blog ideas, trends for you bride and groom and curious visitors.

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As mentioned in the introduction, the subjects of this "original wedding blog" as I like to call it, are inspired by exchanges with couples we have met, colleagues and loved ones. 

However, it is entirely possible for your dear visitors to suggest a subject that you would have liked to find here. Even consider proposing the publication of one of your articles if it may prove useful to other visitors to this site. Whether you are a provider in the world of marriage, a blogger, or just want to share advice, we would be delighted to read your proposals.

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