Choice of perfume for your wedding: some tips.

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Choice of perfume for your wedding: some tips.

For your wedding, all eyes will be on you and therefore appearance will be paramount. However, there is another point that should be particularly taken care of on this special day, and that is to smell good! Besides, some couples choose a special perfume for this special event. A little touch that may seem like a detail but that those close to you who are around you on a daily basis will certainly notice. Not even to mention your partner. So in this article, let's see together how to choose the perfect perfume for your wedding.

the scent notes

Before choosing a perfume for a wedding or otherwise, how about knowing more about the fragrance notes that exist ?! In a perfume, the olfactory note is a scent with a particular character, that is to say one which particularly stands out. Here are a few :

  • Fresh scents
  • Floral scents
  • Oriental scents
  • Woody scents
  • Fruity scents

While some prefer very fresh scents, others may prefer fruity scents. Do you currently have a favorite perfume? To know more about your tastes it is a very good basis. Find out which note it belongs to online. It is quite possible that you like other fragrances with the same "characteristics".

There are many different scents out there, so it's hard to start from a blank page. But if this is your case then try to make a selection of different notes to get a first idea. Then, try out some scents in the style that suits you the most.

choice of perfume for a wedding

Don't try too many perfumes

As soon as you have made a first selection of different fragrances, the ideal is to obtain samples. You can of course test in perfumery but I prefer samples anyway. In contact with the skin, a scent is not quite identical and in particular for the choice of a perfume for a wedding it is preferable to make a test on a full day.

Also, after having tested three different smells it becomes difficult to distinguish them. At best we keep in mind the best but more often the worst. That's why I encourage you to do one day = one sample instead.

Use the perfume for the wedding in advance

Once you've found the perfect perfume for your wedding, be sure to use it before the event. You don't have to tell everyone it's the wedding day scent. Besides, it can be done with the samples.
The context is simple. For example, if your partner tells you that you don't like the smell on you, then you better continue your research. If, on the contrary, it has an aphrodisiac effect, well ... Let's say that it is debatable.

Remember especially that the day of the event is not the right date for a test.

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