Enforce a dress code at your wedding, what do you think?

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Enforce a dress code at your wedding, what do you think?

Lately the dress code has become a big trend in a wedding. Whether it is the young ladies or the groomsmen, respecting the dress code has become a standard. And that can extend to all the guests. But in any case, the choice of this wedding dress code is up to the future bride and groom. Moreover, it is completely optional. You don't have to define a dress code for this particular event, but let's see why some couples make this choice.

Why choose a dress code?

The reasons are varied but here are some answers:

  • Aesthetics: whether for all or some of the guests is often the main reason. No doubts that this will have an effect on the rendering of photos.
  • Simplicity: It's happened to everyone to wonder how to dress and providing a dress code to your guests can in some cases make it easier for them to think. Or conversely complicate it ...
  • Politeness: How do you tell those childhood friends that you would like for once to make a real effort to dress without upsetting them? You now have the answer.
  • Differentiation: Another very common reason this concept is used to easily identify some important players such as witnesses, groomsmen and bridesmaids.
  • The cost: Less well known, this reason is nevertheless very logical. For their wedding, some couples not only establish a dress code but also recommend one or more suppliers, sometimes with a negotiated price. This may allow guests to pay less. But this influx of new customers can also be used to sponsor part of the wedding. A concept discussed in another of our articles.

Now that you know the value, let's see what forms this can take.

What dress code for YOUR wedding? 

In the minds of some people it has to be linked to a wedding theme. That's why I'm going to start by indenting a line on this myth. You can have one without the other and vice versa.

Sometimes certain wedding themes are going to have a certain impact. Suppose you go for the country wedding theme, you will surely think: summer dress. But you can also have the good idea to choose a fashion style the opposite of a theme just to make the moment even more memorable.

The dress code can be associated with a combination of colors, an accessory, patterns, or a little touch of fantasy that is often remarkable in the blink of an eye. 

There are so many possible choices that you can really define your own. By your own means or with the help of a wedding planner for example.

3-piece suit with white shirt or blue waistcoat and pink bow tie for your honor boys? Short dresses or long dresses for the bridesmaids? Colorful fabrics? United? Tie ? Hats? Flowered buttonhole? As I said, the choices are not lacking.  

Country wedding dress code
© Marina_pro95

If you don't want to hire a service provider specifically for this, know that networks like Pinterest and Instagram are great sources of inspiration. Moreover, you can find us on these networks and discover content shared by other readers, but also wedding providers. All at no cost.

Proposed dress code, should you impose it on your guests?

At this point you may already have one or more ideas, but can and should you impose a dress code on your guests. Usually when a question is asked this way, the answer is no. So just to be original I would tell you that it depends and it's not a joke, read on you will see. 

Let's say you have several hundred thousand social media followers. You start your wedding organization, of course you advertise it online and there a service provider offers to take all your wedding decoration at its expense. In return, your donor bridesmaids will all have to wear her evening dresses ... So you say no? 

A different example, your witness is starting to make wooden bow ties and you want to give your support ... Still no? 

I admit to having presented very specific cases so let's take one last example. You opt for a very small wedding. The bare minimum and your dress code only has one color, do you think you can impose it on your privileged guests? 

Tips for your guests to adopt your dress code

As soon as you announced your wedding, some people have probably already imagined their outfit when you have decided on a specific theme. Not necessarily enjoying your theme, some guests will be reluctant to apply it. It is therefore up to you to prepare a good argument to persuade them.

Don't be too directive, play on the emotional aspect. Recall the aesthetic aspect of photos for example. After all your guests will surely be there because they care about you and want to make you happy on this special day.

Storytelling can help convince them to play the game. Tell how you made your decision for example, what it means to you. And then in order to preserve a good general atmosphere, it is better that your guests respect the dress code for love and not because they would have felt forced to do so.

If you have a very specific idea of dress code, be sure to show it to them rather than describe it to them. Don't say a suit jacket with peacock feathers, but rather "Watch singer Ne-Yo during the Miss Universe 2018 finale"

If you are planning a dress style, let your guests know as soon as possible and mention it on your invitations to allow them to organize themselves in advance.

Dress code idea

Here are some easy to interpret desscode ideas just by reading them. If this appeals to you, whether you are a photographer, or newlyweds, share with us your most beautiful clothing themes. Perhaps they will be added to this post with your permission, to inspire other couples around the world. 

  • All black
  • Full white
  • Country theme
  • Chic wedding code
  • Fancy bow ties
  • Casual outfit
  • Black and gold

So our article ends, as always if you found it useful share it, leave a comment or tell us what could be added. 

Looking forward to reading you. 


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