Love in everyday life: proverbs and quotes about love

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Love in everyday life: proverbs and quotes about love

Inspiration comes in many forms. Some people find their inspiration in nature, while others find it in books, movies, music, art, etc.

But sometimes inspiration comes from the simplest things. Like the love quotes and proverbs. They can give you a boost of motivation when you need it most.

Several of you told us about it and we decided to implement it on our Pinterest account. To get there Click here. Each week you will find on it some of our quotes and love proverbs favorite. 

What to inspire you for your romantic messages or for wish a happy birthday in an original way every year. 

When you love you don't count so don't wait for a special day. Each day is unique, 24 hours which will not be repeated, so love, sincerely, without holding back and enjoy these sharing without moderation. 

And then in case you still have a doubt (gentlemen), this content is absolutely not reserved for these ladies ...

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