Marriage and ecology: the ideal alliance

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Marriage and ecology: the ideal alliance

When one brings up the subject of ecology in a conversation, there are mainly two types of reactions: the fatalists, who roll their eyes declaring the end of all things, and the optimists, who struggle to rekindle the flame of hope in their interlocutor. And if there is one term that rhymes with optimism, it is the word romanticism! The drops of dew that adorn the flowers, the sunsets: nature is a work that never ceases to make subtle references to love. So you've never made the connection between romance and ecology? So what better than a eco responsible wedding ? But yes, it is possible: come and find out how!

Very close to my plate. 

When we start a conversation about environmental impact we often talk about sorting waste, CO2 emissions and other bad smelling things. But for this content focused on the green wedding I chose to start with much nicer things. Because after all, every little detail can make a big difference.

And so is your menu. A wedding meal made with tasty and healthy fresh produce is an interesting way to combine business with pleasure. When you discuss with your caterer ask him to offer you mainly dishes with seasonal products and ideally produced by local producers. Sometimes you just have to ask and you will be granted. A simple request that can have an ecological and economic impact. 

Of course, I could tell you to opt for organic products, but personally I find that this name is gradually losing its meaning. Making sure you have local products will already be a good thing and much easier to verify.

"Do you want camellias? But Madame, this is not the season ..."

You will understand, just like with the dishes, choose seasonal flowers it is again a small detail for this project of ecological wedding. Once rather than asking your florist for a particular variety of flowers, ask them for advice on the season. 

"And dried flowers aren't bad, aren't they?" The answer will depend on where they were produced if you want my opinion. If they go around the earth to adorn your centerpieces, I think not ...

Potted plants can make a really nice flower decoration if they are put together well. It can be large pots, I am thinking in particular of a tropical theme. But also very small ornamental pots. It's more original than the petals of fresh flowers, and it can also be a little keepsake for your guests. 

Decorative recipes for the perfect eco-responsible wedding

I think it would take a lot more than a paragraph to tell you about the decor options of a eco wedding. (sorry for this risky pun ahah).

To stay a bit more on the subject of the previous paragraph, I suggest recycled paper flowers or another origami style. With that you will be completely connected for an eco responsible marriage. The great thing is that you can choose the shapes and colors you want at a lower cost and keep them if you want.

Besides, I think that we will add additional ideas in a section DIY on the blog. Let yourself be carried away by your imagination and choose the option that suits you best, according to your tastes and the theme of your wedding.

paper flower for an eco-responsible wedding

Ah yes, just before moving on, I would like to point out that sometimes reception venues only need little to see no wedding decoration elements. Knowing how to be minimalist can be good for your carbon footprint. 

We are on the same wavelength

Occasionally, the achievement of an eco-responsible marriage also and especially through the actors with whom you will be brought to collaborate. I mentioned caterers and florists but generally I think that for such a project you should raise the subject with each provider. Even those with which it does not lend itself to it at first glance like the workshops and shops where you will go in search of a bridal rode.

You might consider seeking the services of a hairdresser or makeup artist who is used to using healthy products that have not been previously tested on animals. 

See who is receptive. They may have things to teach you and if necessary consider favoring local providers. Of course, it's all about balance. Having a DJ as a neighbor can be practical, for example, but if on a daily basis you reproach him for throwing cigarette butts at the entrance to the building ... The eco-responsible side loses a little of its meaning. To avoid a hitch, try to go with people who are advocates, or those who are trying to get down to it.

Likewise, the proposals and services must suit you and be reasonable. So, if you manage to find professionals who prioritize ethics, who possibly live near you for a low price, you've won! And I am not ironic, it is entirely possible.

An impact on those around me

Organizing an eco-responsible wedding is not limited to what I was able to mention in this article. You can always go further in your ethical commitment. Besides, maybe it will go beyond the organization of your wedding ceremony.

It can also be an opportunity to educate those around you. For example, you can make a wedding list to politely state that you would like to avoid receiving wedding gifts that you wouldn't know what to do with. Make mention of the fact that you are opting for sustainable development as much for your couple as for the carbon impact of your wedding, your eco-responsible project. On your invitation or on your wedding site for example. 

That being said, remember that it is possible that you will only get married once. Conversely, you will surely have many opportunities to make an eco-responsible gesture. I hope you can mix the two together, and I hope you find the suggestions in this article helpful. The fact of envisioning it is already admirable. But even if you fail to orchestrate everything the way you want, don't forget to take advantage of this special event. 😉

I wish you the best. 
See you soon.  


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