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Getting married in Guadeloupe: some info and advice

Why rent a castle when you can get married in Guadeloupe is not it?

As I write these lines, we are in January 2021 for several months the whole world has only one word to mouth: COVID. And on a hot afternoon sitting on a beach in Deshaies I see tourists arriving. They speak French, English, Portuguese and other languages that I cannot identify. A woman comes out of the water followed by a young man and searches for his cell phone for a photo of the sunset. She turns around and finds he has one knee on the ground ready to make his request. Magical moment ! Congratulations! Life goes on and it is always possible to project and plan for later so "Get married" as DJ Kadom would say.
Here you know how I got the idea for this article! Ahahah

That being said as the title indicates I will try to provide you with some info and advice if the idea of a wedding in Guadeloupe tempts you. However, if you want to add suggestions, please leave a comment. And if the article pleases I will do the other Caribbean islands but quite chatty let's get to the heart of the matter by starting with the most important. 

Legal note

Wishing to get married in Guadeloupe is one thing, but being able to do so is another. Indeed article 74 of the civil code stipulates that you can only plan a legal marriage in your commune of domicile or residence (main or secondary) or that of your parents (father or mother). The rule specifies that there must be continuous habitation of more than a month.

Getting married in Guadeloupe: what the law says
Getting married in Guadeloupe: what the law says - Credit @ca_pride_intexas

However, the law also says that in overseas territories it is possible for a foreign couple to get married without the previous conditions being met. Yes yes I assure you got written here. So my first recommendation will be to contact the municipality in which you want to hold your celebration. 

Also remember that the rules are more flexible in the case of symbolic ceremonies such as the renewal of vows among others.

Why get married in Guadeloupe?

Well if you are reading this article I think you already have an opinion on the matter ... But if you ask again here are the answers given to me by a few couples that I have met: 

  • The hot and humid tropical climate almost all year round, very different from mainland France and other countries.
  • The setting conducive to exceptional wedding shots, between 2 coconut palms, by the sea or in many other very nice places. Besides if need a wedding photographer in Guadeloupe, Do not hesitate to contact me ;-).
  • The origins: the desire to be surrounded by his family, to discover or find the lands of his ancestors.
  • The activities on site which allow you to follow the honeymoon without moving or almost with a wide range of relaxation, action, tastings and culture. And the possibility of escaping on the islands of the archipelago such as Saintes, Marie-Galante, Désirade or even to aim a little further by stopping in Saint Martin, or in Martinique for example.
Why get married in Guadeloupe?
Why get married in Guadeloupe? What a question ^ _ ^

Getting married on a private beach in Guadeloupe

It is also one of the quests of certain couples, often interested in a original small committee wedding. I know that some hotels such as the Creole Beach  offer this type of service with organization and almost all-inclusive service. Prices vary depending on the period, think about everything well and anticipate as much as possible.  

Wedding on a private beach in Guadeloupe
Getting married on a private beach in Guadeloupe: an unforgettable memory

If your plan is to really say yes to a private beach on any island, but you don't want to go to a hotel, I strongly recommend that you call on a wedding planner. Gold Fairy providers or Caribbean Planner being based on this area in particular know its peculiarities and could provide you with invaluable help.

Accommodation level if you anticipate sufficiently you should find residences quite easily. A young couple who reduced the number of guests to the strict minimum of mandatory witnesses made me discover a charming villa in the town of Moule.

Be careful when speaking of villa! Do not plan to do a wedding ceremony in a villa that you are renting, without clearly asking the owner for prior authorization. And this even if it is a housing that can accommodate 20 people ... And at the risk of repeating myself: Remember to approach the municipality for this type of initiative.

Some useful links:

Thank you for making it this far. If you go to the end of your project, there is no doubt that you will not be disappointed. Be respectful of the places, the culture and the local people and you surely will not be disappointed. Do not hesitate to leave a comment whether you are in the process of preparing or to tell a past experience. I enjoy reading these stories. 😉

You will find below some sites which could be useful to you for your steps.

Tourism committee website: Click here

Island municipalities websites:

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