"Happy birthday my love": your relationship depends on it.

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An alarmist title for a real social problem: today we are talking about attention but also "attentions". These little everyday details that make all the difference. And to illustrate the point well, I have chosen to discuss with you various occasions to say "Happy Birthday my love". For the more pragmatic of you, I assure you the article will not be a romance novel but all the same scented with a hint of romanticism. Without transition let's begin ...

Let's talk a bit about the context

The more the years go by, the more the rhythm of our lives is accelerated. No sooner has we wished "Happy New Year" than it is already time to ask another season and then another and here is a new year begins. Sometimes we feel like it happened very quickly and wonder what we have accomplished ... What we could remember from these days which are already behind us. And beyond personal accomplishments, there are things that we remember more or less easily: these are the celebrations. 

This observation is valid for a single person but also in a couple. There can be a double question "what happened in my life" AND "what happened in my relationship". Where it can get annoying is when you have a feeling of nothingness while asking yourself these 2 questions. Yet birthdays can be those celebrations that punctuate your years together and remind you of your moments of happiness. 

I would point out all the same that these are not the only moments. Let us say rather that these are "at least" great opportunities to do things well. Or to miss it miserably ...

Why birthdays?

We may wonder why this focus on birthdays, in fact, because after all, there is also the feast of lovers, the new year mentioned above, or even religious holidays, sporting events ... After all, some of these events come back every year. Well yes, but they are less personal and that changes everything. 

Your couple is a fragile ecosystem in the effervescence of the world around them. It is important as for a plant to give it a minimum of attention to allow it to last. And more to make it flourish, but that's another subject. 

Several birthdays, several opportunities

Yes there are several except in very special cases but you will see when you think about it there is no surprise, the trick is to think about it. 

The birth date

This is the most common but also the one on which you really have no room for error. Forgetting the date of birth of the person who shares your life or your children can send a very bad message. Make it seem like you don't care enough about the person to remember that date. And even if you have a thousand things to think about, you won't have excuses because even the insufferable boss who makes her life hard may have thought of wishing her thanks to the social media reminders. And do you remember her ex? I think you have understood where I am going with this. 

However, in a few rare cases, personal or cultural, it may be inappropriate to wish this birthday and remembering it becomes a mark of consideration. 

The date of your wedding

Are you united by the sacred bonds of marriage? Rejoice, this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate this union each year by reminding yourself of this special day and what it means to you. Waking up with the person you love and saying "happy birthday love of life" may seem redundant. But ask the question to the couples you know who have been together the longest, most will tell you that each year it remains unique ...

In the same style there is also the date of the marriage proposal. It is already less easy to remember, like the event mentioned in the next paragraph, but the impact is almost guaranteed. Couples who choose to renew their marriage vows do it quite often on the anniversary of one of these 2 moments. 

Happy birthday my love as on the 1st day

The date of your meeting

Some will think it gets a lot tougher but this date, if you hold it back it can really make the difference with past relationships. Remembering the circumstances of a meeting is already good but quite easy in many cases. On the other hand, remembering the date is something else. So it was at a concert, for a friend's birthday, and the exact date was uuuuh .... 

The art and the way to say happy birthday my love

There are other dates that I could have mentioned such as the first kiss but the important thing is that you get the idea. 

Finally, I would like to dwell on how to wish that. Earlier I indicated that the fact that it can be redundant does not necessarily take away from the romanticism. However, I would like to point out here that it is important to be involved in spite of everything. At the beginning of the article I mentioned that it is the personal touch that adds value and my opinion remains unchanged on this point. 

You might find some beautiful romantic messages on the net. It's a great way to find inspiration, but nothing beats genuine, personalized attention. The reference at a specific time. The reminder of a conversation that seemed harmless. If you send a different message each year but you are never there it will not have the same weight ... 

The art and the way to say happy birthday my love

Before you search for the perfect gift give your heart a hand, share what you might not say enough. Remember that life is unpredictable and the opportunities to express how you feel are counted ...


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