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Thinking about a future marriage evokes emotions such as impatience for joy. Sometimes even a certain inner peace, nameless happiness.

But it is without counting on the much less sweet sensations that can cause the preparation of said marriage, and the lot of unexpected that its realization may contain.

Imagine: “It's the rush, you finish dressing to get to the town hall on time and you get a call from the caterer who can't deliver you? Or your DJ who has a problem with turntables? It's in this kind of moment where a paradise changes into something else… ” And even more if you camp on the position "It's MY wedding I take care of EVERYTHING".

It's all to your credit to be ready to roll up your sleeves. And it is normal that the organization of this special day for you is one of your concerns.

However, it is sometimes good to know how to delegate. And in particular to professionals of this kind of activities such as wedding planner.

Who are the wedding planners and what is their role?

Using a wedding planner is similar to Google, "it's your friend."

And this friend will very often be by your side on D-Day to make sure everything goes according to your plans. They are of great help and very often have a list of contacts useful for aspects of organizing your wedding.

They can help you find that little item that you would have spent hours searching for on the web.

But also you wedding planner servicesgive an overview of current trends, for example by suggesting ideas for innovative themes or places for your reception. They are very ingenious and have more than one card up their sleeve.

They are also called "wedding planners" but they are above all advisers.

Because even when they operate it is by ensuring that you are satisfied. They work according to your tastes, your opinions but also according to your budget.

They are the conductors of your big day, they coordinate the different providers that are the caterers, the florists, DJ, and so on so that this famous day is really one of the most beautiful of your life.

Do you really need a wedding planner?

Of course, if you have free time, you have contacts, you are resourceful and you keep your cool on any occasion, then you may not need their services. 

But be aware that even wedding planners may have to call on colleagues for the organization of their own wedding ...
Anyway here is a very short list of profiles for which the hiring of a wedding planner is highly recommended in order to pass your big day from the memorable stage to that of unforgettable:

  • Do you both work full time? This limits your common availability to meet sellers, stylists, etc.
  • You don't have many contacts or know few people who can advise you effectively.
  • The date of the wedding is very soon.
  • You have decided to get married far from your place of residence. (abroad or in the provinces for example)
  • You both have different tastes and choices.

And for the more adventurous

Note that there are also books such as “J'organise ma mariage” by Harmonie SPAHN. This particular one is a very well thought out, practical and fairly complete work.

If you decide to be your own wedding planner, chances are you will find it useful. Hope these few words have helped you make the right choice.

Thank you for your attention.

See you soon.

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