Explore the land of Teranga: Senegal

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Explore the land of Teranga: Senegal

Would you like to spend your honeymoon in a typically warm and sunny country? A honeymoon trip to Senegal may suit you perfectly. You will be surprised at all the wonders that this part of the African continent has in store for you.

Senegal, a sunny country

Marriage is one of the most intense times in a couple's life. The ceremony is very important, but what is especially expected is the honeymoon which only the bride and groom enjoy. Just after the festivities, they fly directly to a heavenly destination. Why not travel to Senegal? Indeed, this African country is the ideal place not only to spend pleasant romantic moments, but also, it makes you enjoy a stay rich in discoveries. In Senegal, the French language is the most used foreign language, which effectively allows you not to get lost even without a guide. This country with strong heat also makes you benefit from a sunny climate to sunbathe a little.

What are the places to visit in Senegal?

This African country of which Dakar is the capital has several magnificent places that you must discover during your honeymoon trip to Senegal.

Gorée Island

A trip to a completely different country is always the perfect opportunity to discover specific places and also a good time to learn a little of its history. If you are in Senegal, do not forget to visit the island of Gorée. In this place, you will certainly discover more than interesting stories. It is mainly a place where old colonial houses and historic buildings in pastel colors are displayed. The memories may be painful, but the story deserves to be known to the world. Right next door, you can enjoy an impressive view of the ocean and the whole capital.

Pink Lake

The Rose Lake is especially famous because of its waters which are very saline. It shelters a particular alga which owes its name: pink lake. It is especially a good opportunity to see men extracting blocks of salt for a whole day. Admiring the colorful canoes carrying white gold looks interesting.

Honeymoon in Senegal - Lac Rose


More precisely located south of Dakar, Saly is a seaside resort which is also worth a visit. The region has magnificent hotels and residences that can accommodate a number of people. Saly is the most important tourist center in the western part of the African continent. Since this resort sits on a coast lined with coconut palms, decorated with golden sand, your honeymoon will be simply unforgettable. In any case, I wish you so.

What are the interesting activities in Senegal?

You are unlikely to get bored on your honeymoon in Senegal. The country is indeed rich in activity. For example, you can start by visiting Lac Rose by going up on one of the magnificent colorful canoes. It is possible for you to ride on horseback to cross the surrounding dunes or to visit the small villages which are located around. Thousands of islands and islets can also be visited on foot, by kayak or canoe. The most interesting is especially to meet the wild fauna of Senegal. For this, you can therefore make an extraordinary safari aboard a 4x4 car. All you have to do is bring your camera to immortalize all the moments spent in the Fathala, Bandia reserve or even in the Niokolo-Koba.

The particularities of Senegal

During your honeymoon in Senegal, you will be especially dazzled by the different cultures that the inhabitants adopt. I strongly advise you to come and discover the different natural attractions of the Senegalese country, their main activities and the cuisines.


Do you know for example Wolof? This is the Senegambian language that 45 % of the population uses. It is indeed through this language that the inhabitants of Senegal, Gambia and also Mauritania understand each other. Then there is Diola, a language specific to the Niger-Congolese, but also by the Senegalese, the inhabitants of Guinea-Bissau and those of the Gambia.

The music

In the majority of African countries, music is of unparalleled importance to the people. For the Senegalese in particular, griots and sung stories characterize their genre of music. You will no doubt be surprised by the instruments used such as shells, gourds or even cow horns.

The sport

Do the Senegalese like to play sports? Indeed, they have the energy to practice it, but it is above all the infrastructure that is lacking. Football is the most popular sport in all regions. If your habit is to watch a match taking place on a beautiful synthetic pitch, you will certainly appreciate another more natural side. Senegalese footballers love to play so hard and proudly on the pitch, with just two wooden stakes as a goal.

The kitchen

Come and discover with your beloved the specialty of Senegal in the kitchen. Their staple foods are rice and millet. Indeed, it is a queen cereal very well known throughout the country. Eaten with fish, beef, mutton or even seafood, this mixture simply has an extraordinary taste. Other recipes are also interesting and tasty, but you will discover them all once there.


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