Zanzibar, Mafia Island, safari, stages of your stopover in Tanzania

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Zanzibar, Mafia Island, safari, stages of your stopover in Tanzania

If we talk to you about Tanzania ... you certainly think of a huge savannah full of giraffes, zebras and lions. Tanzania also has pearly white sand beaches on the islands and on the east coast. Tanzania is a developing country, very different from what you are used to ... are you ready for a change? So that your honeymoon in Tanzania be unforgettable, it is best to find advice and information that will allow you to prepare yourself well! Discover some activities to do and must-see places to see during your trip to Tanzania.

Tanzania in a nutshell

Tanzania is located in East Africa and borders the Indian Ocean. On land, it is surrounded by Congo, Mozambique, Kenya, Burundi, Uganda, Malawi, Rwanda and Zambia. There are 56 million people in the country who belong to around 120 tribes who speak several languages. Located in the coastal area, Dar Es Salaam is the most populous city in the country with 2.6 million inhabitants. Dodoma is the official capital of Tanzania, a small town in the heart of the country.

The main tribes are the Haya, Nyamwezi, Sukuma, Chagga and Nyakyusa, and each tribe has at least one million members. However, no tribe can lead other tribes, which ensures a stable political climate in the country.

The country has 2 official languages: Swahili and English. Several tribes also have their own language. In Tanzania, some people speak mainly Swahili as well as a tribal language and sometimes English.

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What are the activities to do in Tanzania?

A fishing session with local fishermen

It is a very popular activity that few travelers do. During your honeymoon in Tanzania, you can fish in various places. For example, in the deer park of Selous, you can fish, but the lakes and rivers there are little frequented, and therefore very rich in fish. Fishing is profitable there! With a local fisherman, you are suggested to take a traditional boat and look for tiger fish in the Rufiji river and a catfish in the lakes.

Mafia Island stopover in Tanzania
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Another activity that is slightly more popular on the Tanzanian coast is deep sea fishing. From Dar es Salaam, you are offered to spend half a day on the high seas with local fishermen.

Trek to the highest peak in Tanzania

In addition to safari parks, trekking is another national sport in Tanzania. For more athletic travelers, we suggest climbing the Kilimanjaro up to a place close to 5900 meters above sea level. You will usually organize this trek by the Machame route, which is the easiest route to adapt to the altitude. It's also a great way to explore Tanzania's natural landscapes, as this trail passes through rocky plateaus, moon valleys, and dense forests.

Of course, there are other routes to reach the top of the mountain in question. Together you can choose the route that suits you best.

To see in Tanzania: 2 places not to miss

Even though the Serengeti is the main attraction, Tanzania has many attractions besides wildlife. Here are some things that will inspire couples of all ages to make their next trip to Tanzania a great adventure. The scenery is beautiful and lush, the energy is exciting and alive, and nature is second to none. You have everything to make your honeymoon in Tanzania a memorable and unique one!

Mafia Island: a most beautiful place to visit in Tanzania

Mafia Island appeals to snorkelers and divers from all over the world. The ideal months for diving are between October and March. However, the ideal climate on this famous island is between May and October. March and April are periods when the rains fall in great quantity. The marine area of this wonderful island offers beautiful coral gardens, a variety of fish and a relaxing environment for diving. You can discover several species of fish and birds in the region. This famous island is also a habitual breeding site for the frank turtle, which is threatened with extinction. The island is a popular destination for deep sea fishing, including sailfish, marlin, tuna, and other large fish.

Attractions in Tanzania include Tarangire National Park

This is a park best visited throughout the dry season, when the animals congregate by the river. During this season, this place is home to one of the high concentrations of migratory fauna. Rufous bubale, gazelle, impala, buffalo, zebra, wildebeest, and eland attack ponds. The park is an ideal place to contemplate birds with at least 300 species: eagles, hawks, kites, storks, herons, vultures, buzzards.

You have then learned some ideas of what to do and places to visit during your trip. Many believe that there is very little viewing of animals and wildlife in this country. The above information proves the opposite.

Once your honeymoon in Tanzania is over, do not hesitate to give us a little feedback in the comments.


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