Honeymoon: dream destination for a honeymoon in South America


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Honeymoon: dream destination for a honeymoon in South America

For a honeymoon in the land of dreams, South American destinations offer all the conditions required. To enjoy romantic moments, a multitude of paradisiacal places constitute a framework perfectly adapted to the context. To help the undecided lovebirds, here are some suggestions for spending the desired honeymoon.

Brazil or Ecuador, a choice between classic and surprising

The first is one of the most popular vacation spots in the world. 

The country of Samba presents multiple perspectives to have fun during a trip to brazil as a couple, especially for newlyweds. For example off the Brazilian coast, the archipelago made up of Salvador, Bahia or Praia do Forte is an option. Besides the classic tourist spots of Brazil, these islands offer quite other wonders. These places meet all the requirements to provide the romance and fun that couples are looking for.

On the other hand, Ecuador also deserves attention. Lurking in the shadow of the giants, the country has some undeniable attractions to receive a honeymoon. This small territory presents a multitude of quite marvelous landscapes. Spared from heavy tourist traffic, some seaside resorts in the country benefit from extraordinary natural beauty. Calmness and tranquility are its primary qualities.

Chile, Argentina, Colombia, for a sensational wedding in Wonderland

They are some of the most renowned honeymoon destinations on the South American continent.

Chile is one of the favorite destinations of travelers, an attractive country with beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise waters, one can admire desert and supernatural landscapes, but also to visit unique tourist sites in the world, such as the spectacular site from Machu Picchu, one of the 7 wonders of the world and the treasures of the Inca empire; the couple could also explore Chilean Patagonia by sea. 

Besides, Argentina is also a very interesting option. Here, the capital Buenos Aires concentrates all the attention at the expense of the paradisiacal beaches of the country. The city is ideal for strolling in sublime holiday resorts. For this Boca Junior and Palermo are obligatory passages. Finally, Colombia offers an adventure filled with discoveries for those who want to visit it. Exceptional sites are its qualities.

Costa Rica, Belize or the other islands of Latin America

Far from the mainland attractions, a few paradisiacal islands in this region of the world are prime destinations.

Costa Rica is no longer in favor. It is an ideal vacation spot with many extraordinary sites. The country enjoys lush nature, beautiful beaches in diverse landscapes. Relaxation and the pleasure of the moment are the main qualities that young couples will enjoy. A multitude of activities will occupy the free time of the lovebirds.

For a heavenly destination with a discreet atmosphere, Belize is ideal. This small Spanish-speaking country has undeniable attractions for hosting an unforgettable honeymoon. Very picturesque sites abound across its territory. Romantic settings and nautical activities are highlighted during a stay.

Other destinations also deserve attention. The Bahamas, Cuba, or even Jamaica are very satisfactory options.


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