Bow ties to tie: instructions for use

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A very chic fashion accessory, the bow tie is a symbol of elegance and refinement. It can be worn with any shirt and sometimes even without. But tying a bow tie is an art form that takes practice and patience. In this article we will see how to tie a bow tie , but also different alternatives. It takes a lot of practice to master the art of the bow tie tie. If you want to learn how to tame that little sliver of fabric, you should start practicing now.

So how to tie a bow tie?

It is said that a picture is worth more than 1000 words so here is a very well done video which takes up step by step the operating mode.

  1. Place the bow tie around the neck with the right side a little longer.
  2. Tie a knot by passing the longer end over the shorter one and pulling it up tightly.
  3. Take the shorter end and form the base of the bow tie in a horizontal position below the neck.
  4. Bring the longer end over the knot.
  5. Take the two ends of the knot thus formed and pinch them.
  6. Gently bring the long end into the hole that forms when you pinch.
  7. Gently pull, tighten and adjust everything. And now your bow tie is tied!

Alternatives to self-tie bow ties

If despite this tutorial you are still not comfortable with the idea of making yourself a bow tie, know that there are some alternatives

Adjustable bow ties with hook

A rather complicated name to tell you about “already tied” knots. Yes, you have to know how to admit your difficulties without admitting defeat.

So if you have trouble making a bow tie but you want to stand out early or respect a dress code perhaps… Opt for a pre-tied knot that you can tighten using a hook well hidden under your collar generally. This will do for many events.

Some are also equipped with press studs but I find the hook more practical. To test…

However, for an appointment with connoisseurs, the following options will probably be preferable.

Plan B: the tie

It is still an accessory to tie, some will say! Nevertheless, for most people the tie knot is often more accessible. After all there are many people who drive cars with automatic gearbox and others with manual gearbox… ^^

The wooden bow tie

wooden bow knot
wooden bow tie

Although it is not suitable for all situations, it is still an ideal accessory to stand out. And I know what I’m talking about I even wore one to my sister’s wedding. It is to be placed in the category of knots with a hook but I wanted to distinguish it from fabric bow ties

Ask for help

This is more advice than an alternative. Once tied your bow tie will probably not need to be redone. Maybe slightly adjusted eventually. But what I mean by that is that you could ask someone to help you tie it right before the event. If you don’t touch it too much you should be fine.

There are also clip-on knots but I must say that my experience with these models does not encourage me to recommend them to you.

I hope this article has been useful to you. If so, feel free to add it to your favorites or share it. And if there are elements to add, I invite you to indicate it in the comments.

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Bow ties to tie: instructions for use
bow tie to tie: instructions for use
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