The game of the killer to try it is to adopt it

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Have you ever participated in a killer game at a wedding? Killer Party is the ideal atmosphere game to encourage your guests to interact and above all to guarantee a special atmosphere during the event. Discover in this article the concept of this surprising game that will not leave your guests indifferent!

Principle of the Killer game

The principle of the Killer Party is to trap as many players as possible without getting caught! This is a role-playing game that consists of each player receiving a target and a mission card. Each time a player manages to trap a target, he recovers the card(s) in his possession as well as the last mission which therefore becomes his. I hope you have followed everything because if the target realizes that it is a mission there is then “counter-kill”: failure of the killer’s mission.

It is then he who gives his card(s) to his initial target. The winner of this event will be the participant who has collected the most cards possible! Embrace the role of serial killer and win the game. (Finally, figuratively, remember, we’re talking about marriage, not burial…^^). The advantage of this game is to allow the greatest number of guests to participate.

Who will be the winner at the game of the killer?

What equipment is needed for a killer party?

To play the killer game , the easiest way is to bring a game box that contains the mission cards. The second essential element are volunteers to participate naturally. Finally, you will need a facilitator who is responsible for giving everyone the missions and who will be the master of time to announce the end of the game. Good atmosphere guaranteed!

Note that the animator cannot have a double role and participate himself having read the missions of each one.

You also have the possibility of making this animation even more personal by carrying out yourselves personalized missions and for the intention of your guests. This will allow you to adapt this idea to your theme, your reception or the personality of your guests. It’s especially funny if you have the list of participants in advance.

To help you we have listed some mission ideas below.

20 mission ideas for your killer party

Wondering what these mission cards are all about?
Well on each card, the participant discovers the place where the game will take place, and the action to be taken for his mission to be a success.

The game can, for example, take place during a meal, the meal being the weapon, and the goal being to manage to offer his victim bites of his own dish. Other missions can also consist of giving your victim matches to crack at the cocktail party. If the participant agrees to strike the match, he loses. Clearly, the objective is to put your victim in the situation given by the card without him suspecting anything.

Some ideas if you decide to design your own mission cards:

  1. Let X give a coin to Y;
  2. Encourage people to imitate Donald Duck (or another famous character);
  3. Repeat the same thing 3 times in a row (ex: Kanpai! which means “Health!” in Japanese);
  4. Convince the target to do 10 push-ups;
  5. Trigger a giggle at the designated person;
  6. Convince a target to remove their shoe;
  7. Make X dance with Y;
  8. Take a selfie with your target making a face;
  9. Putting an object in X’s pocket without him or her noticing;
  10. Make him mime something whose name you no longer know;
  11. Sing a particular song (the credits of a particular cartoon for example);
  12. Arrange to get a compliment from a specific person;
  13. Challenge X to an arm wrestle and he or she accepts regardless of the outcome;
  14. Make believe that one of the guests is a celebrity;
  15. Get your target to say a sentence in an invented language;
  16. Getting the target to finish one of your sentences;
  17. Make your target say one thing and then its opposite;
  18. Have him tell you the first name of his parents;
  19. To be served a drink by his target;
  20. Make the target draw a sheep (or other ^^);
The killer party game: your wedding entertainment

Our mission ideas are there to inspire you but of course you can find many more. Just remember what should be feasible and safe so that everyone keeps a good memory.

I hope that all the explanations provided have been clear enough. Of course, to fully understand the idea, the best thing is to try. Perhaps during a night out with friends or a family party if you prefer to test before the big day.

I also invite you to discover the 12 months game which is another wedding animation that you could enjoy.

As always, your impressions are welcome in the comments.
See you soon for a new article.

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The game of the killer to try it is to adopt it
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