The manicure for men: final touch of the elegant future groom

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The manicure for men: final touch of the elegant future groom

It's only a matter of time and it will be the big day. To sublimate this day, you must take care of the smallest details, from the choice of the costume to the manicure. The manicure for men allows you to amplify and heal the image that your hands send back to your fellow human beings by making the tips of your fingers more aesthetic. However, for a long time, gentlemen did not consider it because they believed that manicure was the privilege of women. More details in the following lines.

Better image in your wedding photos

The lace wedding dress, the beautiful hairstyle of the bride or the beautiful costume of the bridegroom, are not the only ones that will be scrutinized in great detail by the guests on your wedding day. The hands of future brides will also attract attention during the entire ceremony and especially, at the time of the exchange of alliances. 
A faux pas in relation to the aesthetics of your nails, the atmosphere after the pronunciation of a romantic love speech
The best moments of this magnificent day, in particular the sacred moment of the exchange of wedding rings, will naturally be immortalized by photos to preserve the precious memories of this great day. So your hands will appear in the wedding photos. 

It is indeed for this reason that you absolutely must adopt good habits of care for your nails before the big day. This is to avoid showing damaged nails in the wedding photos. 
One thing is certain, a manicure for both women and men will not work miracles for biting nails. There must be a regular care routine to be exercised several days before the wedding.

Male manicure at home: a moment of complicity with your other half

In addition to beauty salons, manicures can be performed at home. This last option is undoubtedly the most intimate. Indeed, with a glass nail file, a fine bevelled wooden stick, a gel, a moisturizer and a suede brush, your loved one will give you a manicure in a warm and romantic atmosphere. This will of course allow you to have a good time of bonding with your future spouse and will further strengthen your relationship. 

Couple's manicure and aesthetic moment of relaxation
Couple's moment of relaxation

What does the manicure consist of?

As with trying on a wedding dress or suit, the manicure for men involves several key steps to know:

  1. the scrub
  2. removal of cuticles,
  3. nail filing
  4. nail polishing
  5. nail hydration
  6. and relaxing massage. 

After the exfoliation, the release of the cuticles covering the periphery of the nails will consist in applying a suitable gel on the nails. Then, you have to file the nails in a shape (rounded or square) according to your choice. Then comes the polishing step which will be done using a suede brush which will allow good absorption of the active ingredients of care. End the manicure session with the application of a moisturizing, nourishing cream on the nails and a small relaxing massage. 

Manicure for men: a choice you might appreciate

As we pointed out above, men also have every interest in benefiting from the benefits of manicure. Indeed, the manicure will give you aesthetic nails, sublimated, soft to the touch, pleasant to look at, healthy and free of dead skin cells. In addition, the manicure helps maintain hygiene by keeping your hands clean and cool. 

Once the good habits for your nails are adopted, you can not tear yourself away from them, because apart from special occasions like marriage, there are many daily benefits of manicure.

Hand massage after manicure
Manicure for men: you might appreciate

The advantages of manicure

Manicure for both a man and a woman will help: 

  • Increased blood circulation;
  • Improve well-being;
  • De-stress and keep the hands soft and delicate.

The relaxing massage of the manicure, facilitates blood circulation, helps relax muscles and also improves joint mobility. Likewise, during the winter for people with dry skin and sensitive nails, a regular manicure will help remove cracks and aches and will keep your skin and nails smooth and soft despite exposure to the weather. winter. 


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