9 ways to ask a loved one to be your wedding witness

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9 ways to ask a loved one to be your wedding witness

This is the first "Yes" that has been said and it is time to start planning the celebration of your union. And among the people you will have to invite there are some who will have to play a particular role: your witnesses. This is why in this article, I will detail some original ideas for asking a loved one to be your wedding witness. I will also give you my opinion about when and even where to go. 

How to ask a loved one to be his witness?

Well to begin with know that it could very well be during a classic oral exchange or even by SMS. After all, it is quite possible that it is addressed to someone with whom you interact regularly and the most important thing is that the request is made.

That being said, in this article I made the choice of originality and I hope that this will inspire you all the more.

The video with an unexpected ending 

If you wish to warn your future witness after the marriage proposal and it has been filmed; a really cool way to do this is to add a message at the end of the video. Your future marriage witness will be able to see or review the moment of the marriage proposal and discover at the end that you want to give him this important role. The video can be sent but I recommend that you watch it while being physically present. You will be able to appreciate the reaction and the response live. 

The box, the cool gift that has proven itself

You can offer a small box containing a personalized message containing your request and some small items that are fun and can be personalized. There are a lot of platforms that offer this style of service these days. 

For a greedy witness

If your future witness is greedy, why not ask him or her with a personalized cookie? For example, a shortbread with your first name and that of your loved one as well as the date of your wedding. The only risk is that the person is so moved that they want to keep the cookie which could be complicated hahahah.

A classic but effective choice: the menu

A more traditional and practical solution, when your witness lives further away, is to give him a card on which your request is written. Even if the method is indeed more conventional, the fact remains that it will surprise your witness when he opens the letter. 

In addition, the originality may well lie in the way in which the request will be formulated. For example a dating from the Middle Ages "Oyé oye, by the present parchment ..." or as a message to a secret agent "Your mission if you accept it ...". Of course you will understand, this solution also works in video format. 

Make your request room by room

To maintain the mystery, you can offer your witness a puzzle. Usually, this type of puzzle contains only half a dozen pieces. It's better than a life-size puzzle of 1000 pieces that may test the patience of your future witness.

Give a piece of jewelry or an accessory

It may be pleasant for your future witness to receive a personalized piece of jewelry when you request it. You can choose the type of jewel, its color and the message that accompanies it. It can also be nice to engrave a particular message directly on the jewel. This solution is particularly appreciated when the future witness is also a member of the close family. 

Online it is possible to find commemorative coins. A piece on which we can engrave a message, a drawing, a date ... You could engrave the first letter of your first name + that of your partner as well as yes and no on both sides and ask your future witness to present the side corresponding to his answer. 

A request that will follow your witness everywhere

You can give your witness a keychain with a personalized message that expresses your request. It is a memory that he can take with him everywhere.

Invite your witness for a coffee

A simple but particularly delicious request can be to invite your loved one over for coffee at your place. When he has finished his cup, he will be able to read your request at the bottom of it. If, like me, your loved one always leaves coffee in the bottom of their cup, the trick may not work. But you can always ask her to do the dishes… it can be a surprising way to ask.

The scratch card

The scratch card can be one of the fun and surprising ways to ask a loved one to be a witness. This will arouse the mystery and then the surprise. There are scratch cards in cardboard and digital versions.

When to ask a loved one to be a witness?

There is no exact science, but there are still two cases to distinguish. Before your marriage proposal or after?

Previously I would have said systematically after because we are never safe from a refusal during a marriage proposal. But a friend had asked me to be a witness at his wedding before even proposing to his partner to marry him and he had very good reasons. The idea was to ask me to help him prepare the marriage proposal. 

However, as indicated in one of the preceding paragraphs, the request formulated afterwards is just as relevant. Release all pressure and make time for yourself and your loved one. This must be your moment. Don't put pressure on yourself.

Ideally ask a loved one to be his witness, this is done before inviting all the other guests. And this even for a very small marriage. 

It may also be wiser to make your request after the wedding date has been decided to make sure your future witness is available.

As for the place, there is no rule. I will have a preference for a quiet place in order to be perfectly heard and understood. Having to repeat yourself is seldom pleasant. You can choose the tranquility of your home simply. You will thus have perfect control of the environment and reduce the chances of being disturbed. You can also choose an outdoor location like I said there is really no rule.

In order to complete this article, I will soon propose another one on the role of the witness. Until then, I invite you to share this information if it seems relevant to you and to follow us on the networks. 

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