Search cheap wedding photographer: how to negotiate?

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April 20, 2020

Many couples who, after discovering the prices of photo services, ask Google to find them a cheap wedding photographer. This is why, at the risk of attracting the wrath of my colleagues, I decided to devote this article to you how to negotiate photographers' rates.

Cheap wedding photographer you say?

Cheap wedding photographerFirst of all, what is a cheap wedding photographer for you? It is important that you start by defining this.

How much do you want to spend on this service? If your goal is to find a professional ready to work for free I think you are taking a huge risk without perhaps realizing it.

Imagine, you are offered a job in 6 months but specifying that you will not be paid ... On the other hand, you will have a hot meal and perhaps gasoline for your vehicle. Let's say you agree. Time passes and 2 weeks before the famous date another person contacts you, guaranteeing you the dish, the gasoline, a salary to pay your bills and the promotion of your work. What are you doing?

If you hesitate on the answer well tell yourself that cheap or free photographer will do like you.

Behind the price announced by a service provider there are things to understand and in particular the risk of having to start new research urgently. Trust me you don't want this to happen to you. Instead, learn to ask the right questions and provide guarantees, which usually come with the price.

But rest assured there are ways toinvite a photographer to review their rates for your events.

Everything is in style

The first tip is to learn about his style, his achievements. The idea is to see if your marriage could not be special. A little thing to highlight in his portfolio.

In my case, for example, I was lucky enough to be able to take photos of couples in Tahiti, but never for a wedding there. So, if tomorrow I was contacted for a wedding in French Polynesia or New Caledonia, for sure I would be ready to review my rates.

The reason is simple, I visualize certain clichés that could be made of traditional outfits, tattoos, a haka maybe ...

Rappelez-vous que votre photographe de mariage est un créatif. Il aime sûrement produire de nouvelles choses. Peut-être que ce sera pas une île au milieu de l’océan, mais il y a pleins de possibilités. Une chorégraphie de vos invités, un lâcher de lanternes, un mariage en petit comité sur les toits de Paris, un renouvellement de voeux dans le sud du Portugal...

Ask your wedding photographer why he is doing this, and tell him about your wedding, what sets him apart from the rest. In some cases this will help you figure out how to lighten the note.

1 + 1 = less

Provider team

Imagine that you have found the perfect caterer, you have made your choice on his menu, here is a good thing done. Nothing prevents you from asking him for advice on finding an affordable room, for example, or other services.

The advice of professionals is very often reliable. They rarely take the risk of recommending someone they don't even trust. But they may put you in touch with a partner who may apply special discount.


What is included in the package

This is something that I detailed in another article, but it is important that you know what is included in the price of the photo delivery.

Many photographers offer pre-established packages. If you are not interested in certain elements, see if removing them can make you save some money.

Don't overlook some key moments though. As I write these lines I think back to all those couples who once told me to negotiate the price “We just need the ceremony, the preparation is useless” ...

Preparation is usually the last time the bride and groom are separated before joining. It is often punctuated by small privileged moments with loved ones that we did not think of at the start ...

Anyway, if your photographer includes photos of a brunch the day after the wedding and it's not in your schedule, you don't need to add it. Rather see if it's something that can reduce the bill.

The most anticipated Monday of the year

Do you know the law of supply and demand? Well it can apply to the date of your wedding.

Weddings are very often celebrated on weekends in most countries of the world. Wedding photographers often take advantage of Mondays, for example, for other activities. Editing, marketing, article writing ... lol

But if your event takes place at a time when your service provider is less used, this can allow you to negotiate a discount. Likewise depending on your country of residence there is surely a high and a low season for weddings. Planning your wedding in low season also allows you to make significant savings in general. And not only in the photos.

Double or quits

Finally the last tip is double-edged. You can attempt to negotiate the price of a wedding photographer by contacting him at the last minute.

Either it is available and agrees to revise its prices for your event.

Either he considers that you are in an emergency or that he does not have enough time to properly prepare things well enough for his taste. In this case there will be two issues: it will decline your request or apply additional fees.

Negotiate rates wedding photographer a puzzle for this couple

When you go looking for a cheap photographer you can sometimes be ready to play it all. But you have to keep the issue in mind: your wedding photos, your memories of this day that surely is special for you. I chose to mention this last scenario but it is more of a warning than a tip.

And in general, I did not write this article in order to invite you to contact providers with the main idea of lowering their prices. It would be a waste of time, for you and for them.

Paying the right price is allowing a professional photographer to devote himself fully to your project and to invest in quality tools and supports used to create your memories of unique moments.

As always I hope you find the information in this article useful. Feel free to comment in the comments if this is the case or share your own tips.

Looking forward to reading you

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