The online wedding list: you should try

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The online wedding list: you should try

The online wedding list is much more than a trendy concept. This tool has advantages both for the bonding couple and for the guests. In this article we will see what it is and how useful it is, then I will recommend my favorite sites and explain my choice to you. 

How the wedding list works

Previously, guests offered whatever they wanted to the newlyweds. They often had gifts on hand that they did not necessarily appreciate as well as duplicates, unsuitable sizes etc ...

So to avoid setbacks and disappointments, some couples have decided to make wedding lists. The idea is to clearly define what would make them happy or what they need and send this list to the people invited to their wedding and other relatives. 

For the guests, there is no need to rack their brains to find a gift idea.

The perfect online wedding list tool for the bride and groom and their guests.

The items on a wedding list are usually present for after the event. The content of this type of list is completely customizable. Computers, household appliances, decoration etc ... There is no real limit apart from the imagination. 

Why choose an online wedding list?

The online version is similar to a paper model except that it is much more practical. Don't see a message Greenpeace although it could be. I'll give you some details right after.

7 good reasons to make your wedding list online rather than on paper:

  • It is economical because generally this type of service is free.
  • It's very easy to send if you have emails from your contacts. And that even for those who are often on the move. 
  • You can easily find who gave what and customize the acknowledgments a bit more.
  • Your guests know in real time if someone else is taking charge of any of the gifts.
  • Online wedding lists are often offered by e-businesses equipped with product suggestion systems. A function that I find very practical!
  • It is possible to have the purchase delivered directly to the couple for the date of their choice (the day after the wedding for example). 
  • All this put together, it is a real time saver.

As a bonus, I would add that this type of platform often also offers voucher and gift voucher systems. This is if for example you have a very large number of guests and few ideas or needs. It's quite similar to a jackpot to use later. 

My favorite: The Amazon wedding list

Amazon is undoubtedly one of the leaders in e-commerce. This marketplace offers all types of items, from ready-to-wear to computer equipment and jewelry. I was amazed to find alliances there during my research. Basically there is a good chance that you will find what you are looking for on this site.

Another strength of Amazon is that they have an international distribution network. You readers who read these words, it's a safe bet that you can receive an Amazon order regardless of your location. 

Finally, delivery times and reliability. They are generally ultra short and even more so with their Prime option (free 30 days but that's another topic). 

For my part I discovered the service of amazon wedding list thanks to my sister who she used a birth list. In a few clicks, I was able to order practical things that she had chosen and have it delivered to her at the address that had already been entered by her. 

This is why the Amazon wedding list service is my favorite. Ah yes and it's completely free. For more info Click here.

Other online alternatives

There are many alternatives depending on the country but also depending on the desired products. I prefer to have a wide choice hence my preference for Amazon wedding listings. If you visit these sites you will notice that there is sometimes an emphasis on the jackpot aspect with small transaction fees. The Lifeview team will offer you a dedicated article on the subject of wedding prize pools soon. Here are the alternatives that I have chosen:


With Joy


Many thanks

The Galeries Lafayette

Preparation useful to all

Like many aspects of organizing a wedding, it is good to anticipate the sending of your wedding list, this allows your guests to prepare their budget. I would say this can be done when you send them your invitation card.

One last point: the wedding list is generally designed by a brand, a marketplace or a group of merchants with a partnership. As a rule, couples choose a single site and make a single list. However, you can do two or more. The list of fine lingerie for your bridesmaids and garden furniture for parents, for example. Be careful, sending several lists to the same person could be inappropriate. 

So this article ends, hoping you liked it. Share with us what might be on your wedding list and inspire other visitors to our site. 

See you soon.


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