The rental of a selfie terminal for a wedding, let's talk about it

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February 21, 2021

The selfie terminal is an element of animation apart because it creates a friendly atmosphere. To immortalize the good times of your wedding reception, produce a large quantity of photos with this machine. Better known under the English term " photo booth », This device is often offered for hire by professionals. Learn more in the rest of the article.

What is a selfie kiosk?

The literal translation of photobooth means photo booth. It is a camera without a photographer better known under the name of photo booth in reference to a famous brand of photo automatons.

The device takes photos independently and prints them instantly. The photo terminal is therefore made up of three main elements: the camera, the lighting system and the printing equipment. Today, we speak of a terminal because the device is often placed in an open space. Since the cabin is not very practical and cumbersome, most manufacturers prefer to offer devices that are light, sturdy and easy to transport. The photo box can be fitted with a stand, fixed to a wall or placed on a table or other furniture. Depending on the model, a photo kiosk has several features: retouching, adding text, broadcasting on a screen, sending by email, etc.

Why rent a photo kiosk for your wedding?

Your wedding reception is a unique event that deserves to be immortalized. The photo kiosk is an ideal tool for memorizing the good times spent with your guests. Its installation in your reception room will bring additional entertainment to the party.

We are often more comfortable taking our photos ourselves rather than facing a photographer who somehow decides whether the shot is good or not. By choosing to rent a photo kiosk, you are giving your guests the opportunity to live a unique experience.

Selfie terminal rental for a wedding
Selfie terminal rental for a wedding @sweetyedie

Walking past a selfie box to take souvenir photos is sure to wow all your guests. They have the ability to instantly print every photo taken. You can review and print all the photos stored in the photo kiosk to create your wedding photo album. Opt for the rental of a photo terminal to immortalize the scenes and all the emotions of your wedding day.

How much does the rental of a photobooth cost?

For a wedding, the rental of a selfie terminal is often offered as a 24-hour package. For most providers in mainland France, the rental price includes the provision of equipment and printing of photos. Rental rates are cheaper during the week and high at weekends. This is explained by the strong demand from the married couple who choose Saturday or Sunday to celebrate their union.

In general, the rental price of a photo kiosk is between € 300 and € 500 in France. However, each price depends on the quality of the device and the number of prints. You could find in some professionals prices less than 200 € for a hundred prints. Across the Atlantic, the average rental price for a photo terminal is $400 to $1,000. Everywhere, the rental price also takes into account delivery, assembly and disassembly.

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