Questions to ask your future wedding photographer

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Questions to ask your future wedding photographer

Imagine ...

You meet this person at a wedding fair, she tells you about services that interest you and even has pictures to show you something to make you dream of.

Ready to sign? 3… 2… 1…

Wait a minute! What if something escapes you?

Choosing a wedding photographer is not something to be taken lightly. Moreover to help you in this process we have prepared a list of questions you should ask before making a decision.

Are you the one taking the pictures? Will you be alone?

Are you an impostor? Your passport looks fake ... Do you have things to hide? Ahahah not useless to play the agent of the FBI but all the same…

Before starting an interview with your photographer, you need to make sure that this is the person in front of you. Yes, because if it is a first meeting you can very well be in front of his assistant, a salesperson or whatever else.

In addition, you will most certainly have questions about the organization, and the details of the planning. It is therefore important that you can discuss with the person who will be present on the day.

Regarding the question will you be alone, it is also related to the organization. Some providers work alone, others work with others.

It is so obvious to them that they do not specify it and it may seem like a detail. But this detail is important to you, because it is one, two or three more people present at your reception to whom you will have to allocate a little space, if only for their equipment.

Could we see your photos of a full wedding?

This question is very useful and the goal is not to make you a finished work inspector. This allows you first of all to learn about the photographer's style if you have not yet visited his site or his portfolio.

Then that can tell you a lot about its organization and its seriousness. Especially if it is difficult for him to “find these photos”.

Finally, looking at the pictures can give you ideas about decoration, it can help you visualize your future marriage and lead to other questions that you had not thought of.

Can you tell us in detail what is included in your offers?

Just as a hotel reservation may or may not include breakfast, your wedding photographer offers different services but some will be included and others optional.

It is therefore essential for you to take stock of this subject, especially if you are comparing the prices of different providers. But we will come back to this in a future article very soon.

Whatever the case, you must take stock of all the aspects: the attendance time, the restitution supports, the presence or not of a second shooter, the cost of overtime, the engagement session, travel expenses etc. ...

What if you can't be there on D-Day?

When asking this question, analyze the expression on the photographer's face if he is facing you in front of you. If he seems to be at a dead end or if it takes more than two seconds to respond… RUN !!! I'm exaggerating a bit by saying that, I myself started the wedding photo without wondering what would happen if one day I could not provide the service.

Then one day a couple contacted me asking if I was available the following weekend for their wedding. I was so I accepted, telling them all the same that they were doing it late. They then let me know that they had no news from the provider they had originally hired. It was only a few days after the wedding that we learned that the poor man had passed away ...

I absolutely do not wish you that but you have to be aware of it. Your photographer may have an accident, emergency or worse and they should be prepared for this scenario as you may not have time to find a last minute fix to capture this unique day in your life.

When will the photos be available?

“Let's be clear from the start” is the point of this question. It allows you not to be too impatient and not to make any reminders the day after the wedding. And at the same time, it commits your service provider to respect a deadline. You must still understand that depending on whether he works alone or not and the period the deadlines may be different from those announced to “your colleague who called on him or her this winter”.

What material do you use?

This question is a little sly because it is not a question of starting a debate on the performances of a Sony Alpha 7 III compared to that of a Canon EOS R. (Live my life as a photographer ô_ô).

With this question you uncover some impostors. If your wedding photographer does not know the model of the case he is using, ask yourself some serious questions ...

And I'm telling you about it because I've seen it before! And also to add a bonus question which will be “Do you have a second device?”.

Yes once again you have to prepare for the worst because if your photographer's only device breaks down at the town hall, I hope for you that his mobile will be of quality or that he will find an electronics store open in the area...

If you are more curious than average, we have written an article to make sense of the rates applied by professional photographers.

What do you like most about this activity?

Taking an interest in the business of your wedding photographer will have multiple benefits.

Initially, this can create a certain proximity which will lead him to discuss what he has already achieved: An engagement session in a meadow, couple photos in Tahiti etc ...

Remember that his experience can be useful to you for different aspects directly or indirectly related to your marriage. Moreover, personally as a former wedding photographer, it is from this observation that I started to write articles like the one you are currently reading.

Then if you plan to negotiate the prices of your wedding photos, it is always good to take the time to take a sincere interest in your photographer's activity.

And finally, if your wedding photographer doesn't take any pleasure in doing what they're doing, don't expect them to be enthusiastic if a last-minute request pops into your head.

Curiosity is not a bad thing.

There are many more questions you could ask a photographer before hiring them for your wedding. I chose to highlight those that many couples do not necessarily think of.

Do not hesitate to share this article with those around you if you think it is useful. And if you think that other questions could be added you can communicate them to us and you also give useful advice to couples. Contact us via Facebook, Instagram, or our Contact form.

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