Wedding reception venue: the key points to choose well

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Heavenly wedding reception location

The wedding reception place…
Yes, it’s hard to think of a wedding without thinking of a place. Then of course, there is the place of the secular or religious ceremony, where notably the vows will be exchanged. But there is also the place of the reception which we inevitably think of as soon as we think of the guest list. However, before the point is made, there are occasions when ceremonies and receptions can be held in the same place. And the contents of this article also apply in this case. This point being clarified, let’s get to the heart of the matter…

Where to begin?

The ideal wedding reception venue is not just a place for guests to stay. It sets the tone and generally illustrates the theme of the wedding. Choosing an appropriate location reduces the stress of all aspects of organizing any event.

I think you already understand the importance of choosing the perfect setting to create the atmosphere of your private event. But where to start?

The first step to finding an exceptional setting is to find it in time. Wedding halls and other beautiful venues are usually in high demand. This means that your chances of getting the address of your dreams decrease over time. Do yourself a favor: start looking at least a year ahead of time. Some already married couples will surely tell you that sometimes two years will not be too much! And I’m not even talking about the impact on the price.

When looking for a beautiful wedding venue, you must have a goal in mind. It must be well defined to guide your search. If you don’t, you may not know which frame to choose from the plethora of options available. And of course make sure that you do this together or at least make sure that the person you are thinking of marrying has nothing against the idea. The survival of a couple is often based on communication… In short, here are some elements that will guide you in your search for the perfect place:

Your guests

What is a wedding reception venue without enough capacity to accommodate guests? Having enough capacity to comfortably accommodate the expected guests is crucial. And I would even add, that keeping some flexibility in case of excess is recommended. No matter how beautiful the location, the setting will lose all its charm if it is not adapted to receive all the guests present. Not to mention the organizational and security aspects…

This means that you need to know, as soon as possible, the number of guests expected to attend so that you can choose a venue that can accommodate a little more than that number.

Your budget

In the organization of a wedding, there are many elements to take into account at the budget level. However, since this is one of the most important elements, you need to know how much you can spend on the venue before you start looking. Rest assured, there are many options to suit every budget, so you don’t have to break the bank to get a wedding venue or an atypical location. And once again the sooner you think about it…

Within your budget, you should also consider the items included in the cost of the venue. For example, if everything is taken care of at the decor level, it may cost more initially, but may be a more profitable solution once the accounts are done.

Service providers and service delivery

wedding catering chef

Decorators, florists, but also caterers, DJs and photographers, is there an all-inclusive offer? Do you have any choice? This is an important point to consider. Indeed this could allow you to save some time and money if by choosing a place you settle other aspects of the organization.

However, be sure to check the credentials of additional providers. Do they offer the services you want? Is the quality good enough? And if not, can you subtract from the room estimate the items you won’t use?

As a little anecdote, I once had to take pictures for a wedding where the price of the hall included the non-deductible services of a photographer. The bride and groom had received negative feedback from another couple and contacted me at the last minute. They later thanked me and said that after viewing each other’s photos, they realized that trying to save too much money on photos for this event would have been a mistake.

So remember to ask for advice. This should give you an idea of what to expect.

Restrictions and limitations

Some places impose certain restrictions on their customers. Sound curfews at a certain time, handing over keys only on the day, not allowing access to an area of the domain, etc… You need to check all restrictions to make sure they do not conflict with what you have planned. Few things are more annoying than strangers disrupting a wedding through lack of clarity.


When choosing a wedding venue, every detail counts. Often, it’s the little ones that make your celebration so special or make a lasting impression in the wrong way. Check the space for the dance floor, the parking, the state of the toilets and the kitchen among other things. When scouting, put yourself in the shoes of a health inspector. Your wedding venue should feel perfect in every way and match your vision, specific needs and goals. And who knows, maybe the discovery of a defect will entitle you to a discount.

Have a castle or an estate for your wedding? This is possible!

When you think of the glamour and exclusivity that comes with celebrating your wedding in a castle, it can be both envious and scary. Having an estate for a wedding can seem magical, like something out of a fairy tale and inaccessible to the average person.

If you have always dreamed of having a castle for your wedding, it is possible. Renting a castle for a wedding in the Paris, France for example is something that no longer surprises me. Taking into account the factors we have already mentioned above, you can organize the wedding of your dreams in a castle, or a beautiful estate.

Why not opt for an atypical wedding reception venue?

Wedding reception venue in paradise

I have already mentioned in this article the need to have a vision when choosing your wedding reception venue? Indeed, you can organize the wedding you want, as far as you can imagine.

It should reflect your taste, style and personality and as much as possible, be unique. You may decide to opt for small traditional reception halls with or without outdoor space, adding a touch of originality here and there

You can also decide to be atypical and unconventional. After all, this is a once in a lifetime event.

In addition to being different, it can help you cut costs and give you a certain level of freedom and flexibility that a traditional wedding venue can’t offer. This is something that was previously mentioned in the article on choosing a honeymoon destination, including Airbnb as an option but I digress… This time I decided to tell you about other options than, Disneyland or the beaches of Tahiti. If you have decided to go for the original and atypical look, here are a few things you can consider:


As long as the space is properly secured to prevent accidents, it can be a wonderful place.

Rooftops offer stunning views, make you feel like you’re on top of the world, and by having your wedding on a rooftop in New York, for example, you can have an unforgettable experience on your special day.
However keep in mind that alcohol does not give wings, even to those who is convinced. Safety remains the watchword.

a yacht

Getting married on a yacht is one of the most glamorous options for an atypical wedding reception venue. It projects a peaceful, scenic landscape and great photos. It is certainly an amazing choice although it is not the most economical I grant you.

The zoo

A zoo wedding is great if you’re an animal lover and want to feel as close to nature as possible. It is also quite an adventurous option. The adrenaline rush to the sound of a lion’s roar will make your wedding a memorable event.

To be honest, I never would have thought of it, but I discovered it during my research and decided to talk about it. It remains to be seen where this is really possible…

A botanical garden

Although also complicated in terms of authorization, opting for a botanical garden to celebrate a wedding will seem more appropriate to the majority of readers than the zoo I think. With imagination and creativity it is possible to recreate a medieval setting or straight out of a fairy tale. A great option for people with a visual bent. Once upon a time, you were married in Broceliande

Make sure, however, that plants with common allergens are tacitly kept away from the ceremony itself. An unforgettable ceremony in the heart of a superb flowered park, it’s an enchanting setting but you wouldn’t want one of your guests to leave with a swollen face all the same.

Wedding at the museum

Oh yeah, you read it well. Few people consider museums as an option for celebrating or receiving a wedding. And yet once again I discovered that it can be a beautiful and fun choice accessible in some countries. Like the Rodin Museum in Paris, for example.

A romantic option allowing you and your guests to discover new things. Organizing a wedding in a museum may seem like a daunting task, and I think it is only possible through wedding planners who specialize in this type of service.

I hope I have taught you a thing or two and given you some ideas for selecting your wedding reception venue. Naturally, there are many other places that could be an idyllic setting for a union, the barn of a farm, a manor, an abbey… The ideas are not lacking but the article is already very voluminous.

If you are already married, note me in the comments where the event took place.
And if not, share in a few lines in which setting you would like to celebrate it.

Looking forward to reading you.

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