Renew your wedding vows: Secret of a successful marriage.

Renew marriage vows, renewed happiness


In these times one could easily think that each relationship that starts is accompanied by a duration of expiration. In the era of “friend zone", DTF, FWB and other acronyms describing a relationship that is not based on true love.

What remains of the adage “Until death do us part”? It would appear that a number are no longer willing to invest effort and time to maintain a relationship and very easily lose confidence and patience.

But if this is not your case. If, despite this observation, your couple remains one since the famous "Yes". Renew your wedding vows could be a great way tomaintain this flame.


Why renew your vows?

Photo renewal of wedding vowsEveryone can find their reason, but I will try to list a few. If according to you other reasons do not hesitate to indicate them in comments I will be delighted to complete the article with the relevant suggestions. 

- In life nothing is taken for granted

Our daily activities and the routine of these take up a lot of our time.

They sometimes make us forget to take chances to express our feelings towards the person who shares our life.

However, it is important to do it from time to time to revive them and maintain torque.

It may be that after years of living together you take your spouse's love for granted. But you have to remember that this is a commitment you made to each other.

Through the renewal of your wedding vows you have the opportunity to attest that the latter is not forgotten and is more alive than ever.

It is an affirmation of the lasting love you have for your partner. Besides the renewal of your vows can immerse you in the romantic memories of your past marriage and strengthen the ties between you.

- An opportunity to celebrate love and friendship

There is nothing sweeter than sharing special occasions with those who are dear to us.

And even more so when we can be the example demonstrating that a relationship can last despite the trials and the time.

Everyone agrees that a wedding is a unique day that we remember for a lifetime. But it is also very often an opportunity to confirm a friendship and or the solidity of the links that one has with his guests and especially with his witness.

In short, a wedding is a day of happiness, shared with those close to you. This is why the renewal of vows is a new opportunity to enjoy such a moment in his life. An opportunity to bring your family and friends together and once again create unforgettable memories.

- After the rain...

It is the story of a couple, who like many others had almost a year to organize their wedding. The dress, the wedding rings, the room, the DJ, the photographer were all planned down to the last detail. 

Unfortunately, the father of the bride died about 6 weeks before the event…

In large part because of the costs already incurred, this couple chose to maintain their marriage, which was notably punctuated by a beautiful tribute. But it was not like that that they had envisaged the things. 

In this case too, deciding to renew your vows may be an opportunity to relive your marriage differently. But a death is not the only reason of course. 

Perhaps you would have liked to get married on a beach but that it was not compatible with the list of your guests. Didn't you have that beautiful dress you dreamed of being younger? Couldn't your means allow him to offer him this ring which symbolizes something for you? Would you like to get closer to your roots and do things differently? 

The reasons are multiple and specific to each ... We say of marriage that it is a moment that you only live once. And seen from the religious aspect in several cultures this is the case. But as long as life goes on, it offers you moments to celebrate your union again and again. The renewal of vows is one way among others.

- Being able to invite your children

Senior couple hugging in front of their sonCulture once again because in many cultures, marriage is the step before establishing a home and starting a family. 

Although this is less the case today, it is still very common for the newlyweds to be childless or fairly young at the time of the celebration. Perhaps you have already seen or experienced this moment when a parent nostalgically reviews his wedding photos by showing them to a child. 

Well, the fact of renewing your wedding vows offers the possibility of adding your children to the guest list. And depending on their age, maybe even their husband, wife, or your grandchildren. 

After all, who said there was an age limit for renewing vows?

So how do you organize this "second wedding"?

The short answer would be like the first one but with a few exemptions anyway.

Already there is a good chance that it is less source of stress. The stake may seem less important because in fact you are already married. 

The possible pressure from the family will probably also be less present. Frequently a renewal of vows is made in small groups even when the wedding was celebrated with a large number of guests.

Religious celebrations are often different in form and content or completely inexistent. In some cases, we speak of blessings. 

The ritual practices, known as secular, are more frequent and generally celebrated by professional officiants. Example of a ritual during a renewal of wedding vows

It is quite often the occasion to allow yourself a little fantasy and exoticism. Was your wedding originally very traditional? So why not this time review the outfits ... The place ... Renew your vows on the beach can be pretty cool. But this is just one idea among many.

Of course, it is assumed that for this type of occasion each of the spouses will make wishes which have been prepared in advance. A quick anecdote, I learned that some people sometimes decide to renew their vows because on the day of their wedding they had the feeling of having neglected this point.

On the other hand, if there is one thing that I strongly advise you to avoid, it is to consider a new bachelor party. Ahahah. I know with this sentence I have ruined the party for many. But again this is just advice. 

After how much time ?

A bit like for the marriage proposal in itself, there is no better time to renew your vows. 

Some will tell you after 20 years others 5 years but I think it is up to everyone to decide. 

Likewise, there is no rule for the number of marriage renewals. During my research, I even learned that some couples renew their vows every year. Depending on your means, you can even decide to change cities or countries each time ...

The renewal of wedding vows: a new beginning

All couples have their ups and downs, but it is important to remain an actor committed to maintaining the harmony of the relationship.

Even if a strong feeling unites two people, words and daily actions can weaken the strongest unions.

If your marriage has already faced hardships and the love you share with your partner has allowed you to overcome them. So renewing your wedding vows could be an opportunity to start fresh.

And if you recognize yourself in this last paragraph but you are not married, maybe this is the opportunity to consider saying "Yes!" who knows…

I would love to be able to immortalize this for you. 😉

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