Romantic Valentine's Day message or not ...

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Romantic Valentine's Day message or not ...

There was a time the valentines day message was just a simple little phrase like "You and Me = Love" surrounded by a big heart, but that was before ... Nowadays even the youngest are showing creativity by writing romantic message or a declaration for valentines day. As February 14 approaches you might be looking for ideas, examples, the beautiful phrase that will make a good impression on this special moment. And I hope to be of good advice. And my number one advice will be don't stop on a date for express your feelings. Every day is unique and special ... So begins my article ...

The fascinating story of the "Valentine's Day message"

For many February, is the month of the feast of lovers. But do you know why it is customary to exchange little romantic messages on this day? It dates back to the 3rd century. February 14 is the date on which a priest named Valentin was executed for having celebrated marriages against the advice of Emperor Claudius II. Some legends say that before his punishment, Valentine fell in love with a blind girl to whom he gave back his sight. To the girl's surprise, a love letter would have been intended for him by the priest before his death signed: "Your Valentine". 

Lie or truth everyone will have their opinion. What is certain is that this previously Christian holiday became secular in the 20th century. And every year millions of people exchange little words between lovers, but also between friends or colleagues. This trend varies by country.

The evolution of messages exchanged ...

It is far from the time of little written word with a pen on a piece of parchment. Nowadays, we print poems, we send e-mails with moving images and without ink stains. SMS furtive, videos to say "Even far from you I think of you".

But if there is one thing that has not changed, it is that there are a thousand and one ways of saying things to each other and often without even saying a word. It goes through little things: being attentive to details, being present, helping each other, giving each other gifts, spending time together ...

Young man texting valentine's day

And in some couples who are very busy with active life, the valentines day message is an event not to be missed ...

How to find inspiration for your romantic message?

By reading this article naturally! Ah! More seriously, the objective being to give pleasure and a good impression, think about what you like about this person, his qualities ... a renewal of vows you can talk about times you spent together. And if despite these leads you still have no ideas then depending on the relationship you can always bet on a say "spicy" evening.  

If you want to write something, you don't have to do a ton of it to make up for the rest of the year. Say what you have on your heart simply ... Be more original than the classic "Happy Valentine's Day" except perhaps on a card that accompanies a present ... Flowers...   

Happy couple tenderly hugging after exchanging romantic valentines message

Nothing prevents you from being inspired by romantic songs, or quotes from great poets. Two clicks on the search engines and you will have a good number of results. However, it is more elegant to say "while reading this I thought of you" than to pretend to be the author of writings which are not yours. 

15 examples of Valentine's Day SMS valid all year round

  • "To you without whom my life would be much less beautiful ..."
  • "If love is an ocean, I want to dive into it since I met you." "
  • “Until my last breath, my heart belongs only to you. "
  • "You are my source of daily joy"
  • "The best gift that life has given me is to be able to meet you and build a future with you. Happy Valentine's Day, My Love!"
  • "Time seems long to me when I am far from you ... Happy Valentine's Day my Heart" 
  • "I promise to spend every next Valentine's Day by your side, if you don't mind me. Do you want to be my Valentine?"
  • "I don't need anyone other than you ..."
  • "I may not be rich, but I have found happiness with you"
  • “They say that February 14 is the day of lovers. 
    But me, it's every day that I love you a little more. 
    Every waking up to you is a chance 
    Every night in your arms a new memory. "

In some cases it is sufficient to remove "Happy Valentine's Day" and the phrases can be used at a different time of the year.

Other examples for parents

  • "It was in your eyes that I saw love for the first time, thank you for always being there"
  • "If today I can follow my own path it is because one day you helped me take my first step. My life without you would not be the same .."
  • "You taught me to love to cherish and respect, my happiness I owe you. Tenderly ..."
  • "I wish you a day filled with love and chocolate. To my parents whom I love"
  • "Even 50 years old I would remain your little sun ^ _ ^"

I invite you to share in comments comments the most beautiful SMS or romantic messages that you have sent or received. I will be happy to read them.

See you soon.


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