Shanty Biscuit: personalized shortbread

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Shanty Biscuits is a company that has been around since the early 2000s. And I think you have already guessed what they produce. ^^ A biscuit factory that does much more than cookies.

Little cakes full of flavor with this little particularity of being able to incorporate a word or even a phrase of your choice, which makes them something much more original than simple cookies.

They started by selling this famous personalized shortbread online, then expanded to other products such as infusions and teas. Ideal accompaniment to your biscuits.

They are now one of the leading brands in the gluten-free category. Their products are made with real ingredients and are 100% gluten-free.

What differentiates Shanty Biscuits from another classic biscuit?

  • These are fabulous customizable cookies that you make truly unique.
  • A design in small quantities using only the best ingredients: real butter instead of margarine, gluten-free, without artificial flavors, without edible ink, without coloring. But with a very good taste (tested and validated).
  • An eco-responsible approach, both in terms of ingredients and raw materials and packaging: biodegradable boxes and plastic-free bags.
  • 100% in-house know-how, based in Vitrolles
  • The authentic story of Shanty , founder of Shanty Biscuits (yes, that’s her real name 🙂 and her cookie stamp.

Some examples of cookies:

When to place an order for a wedding? Shanty replies:

The average delivery times in mainland France are 5 days for the authentic recipe and around 10 days for the other recipes.

Please note that deliveries are possible to other countries but delivery times may vary.

As far as weddings are concerned, given that the date is generally known quite a long time in advance, it is still best to contact them in order to be delivered ideally 15 days before the event.

Our opinion on Shanty Biscuits

Well, it’s very simple personally, I was already conquered by the concept of this personalized shortbread cookie . I came across this while looking for ideas for the article on the different ways to ask a loved one to be their wedding witness . And doing it with a personalized message on a cookie fit the theme perfectly.

But after discovering Shanty Biscuits, the field of possibilities has expanded even more because it could be perfect for an original marriage proposal, for Mother’s Day. Or wake up his or her partner in the sweetest way with a green tea mentioning ” Happy Birthday my Love “.

In fact the main limit will be your imagination and ideas you will find a certain number of them on their website as well as on their social networks, Instagram in particular.

Of course, before recommending them to you, we placed an order and tasted it for you. And in addition to being original it is true that they are good.

So of course they are a little more expensive than the big brands in supermarkets, but the quality is there and the objective is quite different than filling a little hollow.

Unanimously within the team, we thought it would be an alternative to sugared almonds or a great wedding souvenir for the guests. But I personally thought it would be great for one of our apprentices’ farewell. (“Keep going Sarah”)

I therefore invite you to discover Shanty Biscuit in your turn: . You can also order a sample first, although I recommend that you opt directly for the mini cookies if you want to test.

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Shanty Biscuit: personalized shortbread
Shanty Biscuit: Personalized Shortbread
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