Your photos of weddings with smoke: simple and beautiful.

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Your photos of weddings with smoke: simple and beautiful.

If you are looking for a way to spice up your wedding photos, using colorful smoke bombs can be a really good idea. It is a new trend that is becoming more and more popular often proposed by photographers or considered by honeymooners. The smoke adds a splash of color and can create an air of mystery in your wedding photo. In this article for you some tips for making your wedding photos with smoke, advice on selection and use.

How to use smoke bombs for your photos? 

This type of colored smoke can be used in a number of ways, including adding it as a background to your photos or as a visual element that directs the eye to the subject (s) in the photo. This is suitable for couple photos as well as group photos. 

fumigenes wedding photo

Moreover, depending on the desired effect, there are different kinds of smoke. This could be, for example, a smoke bomb to be pulled out that you place behind the subject of the photo. Do you see the gas and smoke from the police? The principle is the same but without having itchy eyes. 

In the case of a marriage one of the most frequent is the hand smoke. As its name suggests, it can be handled by the couple or by the guests without risk.

Smokes recommended for events such as weddings are not dangerous but if however you feel discomfort have the reflex to move away from it by going in the opposite direction of the windIt is also good to remember that these are not things to leave in the hands of children. 

Focus on hand-held smoke bombs

Hand-held smoke bombs are pyrotechnic accessories and must be lit to release their colored smoke. However there are models of hand smoke, for which you will not need matches or a lighter. They are fitted with a scraper which facilitates lighting. Consider checking this out if you decide to use colored fumes for your wedding. This even if you do not smoke, it is useful to provide a lighter for your wedding. It's like scissors can be used!

Before lighting, if possible remember to orient yourself according to the direction of the wind. Even a very slight incline can make the difference. If all the smoke is heading towards your photographer, you may be invisible in the photos. It is preferable that the wind blows the smoke completely backwards or partially at an angle. 

What colors of smoke to choose your wedding photos?

Choosing the right smoke colors for your wedding photos is crucial to getting the perfect look. The most common colors are gold, blue, and purple. But it is important to take into account the colors of the theme of your wedding if you have defined one so that everything can go perfectly in your photos and get the best possible result. To do this, I recommend that you find out more about complementary colors. For example if your dress code is green and white, you could opt for yellow fumes. Here is a site which should help you find colors that would be complementary.

Along with the choice, it's important to think about how many colors you'll be using. In my opinion, you have to know how to decide between one or two or aim for the other extreme which would be greater than seven if you want to reproduce a rainbow effect. The in-between seldom produce a very aesthetic rendering.

Do colored smoke bombs used for wedding photos stain?

The colored fumes of smoke bombs marketed for individuals do not stain everything they touch. Most often, the only thing that will have a tint of color is the smoke bomb itself. If you buy online I strongly invite you to consult customer reviews to learn more about the quality of the product.

I hope this article has inspired you. This device can also be used for other events such as a bachelorette party for example and you will understand it is much more practical than a smoke machine. But the desired effect is not the same ...

Before you leave, note that confetti is a cool alternative for your photoshoots. But to do things well, you will have to think about cleaning after use. 😉

If you want to see more beautiful wedding photos with smoke bombs take a look just here. And follow us on Instagram, come and share your best photos.

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