A teepee for your wedding, you should consider it

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Update : 26/04/2021
A teepee for your wedding, you should consider it

The year 2020 has changed the wedding industry as well as our lifestyles. The word confinement has become common, as has the fact of being in a very small committee. And if many rooms have closed their doors, a place of reception atypical has gained popularity: the wedding teepee.

With the return of good weather, and the relaxation of certain restrictions, marriages will gradually resume. And it is not very surprising to note that the future bride and groom, like you perhaps are, wonder about the wedding teepee rental for this special event. After months locked up or with reduced social interactions, the opportunity to be outdoors, in the heart of nature, seduces. And that's exactly the promise that is made with these giant teepees. Depending on their size, they can be installed in a small garden or on an estate and thus house an entire wedding reception or simply the bar area for the reception for example.

Discovery of the wedding teepee

Rest assured, we are far from the hard-to-pitch camping tent. Moreover, in order to guarantee the best possible experience, the rental of a product like this often comes with the services of a team of experts responsible for assembly and disassembly. 

If you think it's just for a bohemian or "hippie chic" wedding, think of these large teepees as party tents. Those even which could very well have been used for an organization of professional seminar or other corporate event. 

It is a real living space that will give a unique and personal setting to your big day. 

A wedding teepee can be extremely flexible and bend to your needs. Depending on the configuration you choose, it can be closed, open or even semi-open. Moreover, you have the possibility of betting on innovative models able to connect one and the other in order to form a single big tent larger than their initial size. 
Some are designed with flame retardant canvases which are perfect for withstanding the vagaries of the weather. So they are perfect for both summer and winter. 

These devices are well thought out in terms of dimensions to meet your specific needs. So, whether you are expecting 50 people or 500 people, the modular structure of these wedding marquees will surely adapt to your needs.
The most advanced solutions integrate countless possibilities, such as showers, solar power supply or even suite formulas. Yes, we are not stopping progress. 

teepee marquee wedding

Renting a wedding marquee is often more flexible than for a traditional reception hall. Providers are generally used to this and may also work with music festivals. So if you want to have a huge dance floor, braided mats, amazing decoration or even a yurt, all you have to do is ask. Treat yourself! However, be aware that all of this will impact the rental price of the wedding teepee of course. 

 So my article ends, I hope you will have discovered some useful information. Tell us in the comments if this is the case. Contact us if this is the solution you have chosen for your wedding and you want to inspire other couples with some photos. 

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