The 12 Month Game: Celebrate Your 1 Year Wedding

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The 12 Month Game: Celebrate Your 1 Year Wedding

The wedding date is approaching and you are looking for a game idea? Do not search anymore, the 12 months game is a wedding animation ultra simple and fun to set up. Laughter guaranteed for everyone. In this article you will discover the principle of the game as well as the necessary equipment but also ideas to help you organize everything easily. And as always, if you want to share other ideas with the readers, do not hesitate.  

What is the 12 month game?

You may be familiar with the principle of musical chairs? You know that game where a small group of people are circling around chairs while music is playing. Then rush to sit down as soon as it stops knowing that there are not enough chairs for everyone. With the removal of an additional chair at each turn. Well the 12 month game is pretty much it.

The main differences are that:

  1. The number of participants is preset at 13.
  2. It is no longer just the music that punctuates the game but objects to collect before rushing into the chairs.
  3. And the loser of each round receives a pledge to be made for the newlyweds in a specific month during the year following the wedding. The 1st loser for the month of January the second for February etc ...

Here is a video which maybe will help you to better visualize the general atmosphere of this wedding game.

It's perfect for digestion just before the cake arrives.

The objects to find are generally defined in advance and announced, by the dj, another designated facilitator or the couple themselves. The idea is that these are things that can be found in the room with a mixture of simple elements and unusual objects. 

To inspire you in the preparation of your list of objects, we offer you some ideas below. 

20 object ideas for the 12 month game.

  • A 10 bill
  • A piece of bread
  • An easy to collect decorative object: Balloon / ribbon
  • A spoon (me dangerous than a knife)
  • A tissue
  • Lipstick
  • A black sock
  • A bracelet
  • A lighter
  • A sheet of toilet paper
  • An identity card
  • A bra (you have to dare ^^)
  • Keys
  • A striped tie
  • A driving license
  • Earring
  • A cigarette
  • A flower
  • A selfie in front of the bride and groom's car
  • A shoe size 40 (haha)

Since this is a game of speed, avoid any sharp, fragile or very large object. An accident would spoil the atmosphere ... For the same reasons, I recommend that participants avoid wearing heels during the game.

Of course these are suggestions, and you are welcome to come up with other ideas. Besides, I invite you to share them so that it can inspire other readers.

Necessary material

This game only requires little installation and hardware, that is its great advantage. All you need to do is set up twelve chairs in a large enough space. You should also have a list of pawns in addition to the items to find. You will also need voluntary participants of course but to be sure to have 12 I recommend that you consider nominating them. 

Also note that at each turn you must remember to remove a chair.

The player who passes all turns wins a gift. This lot is chosen in advance, something like a bottle of champagne with a bouquet as for a sports awards ceremony. Or a diploma as a souvenir. Example "Congratulations to ... who won the 12-month game at Yann and Sandra's wedding on August 14, 2020". 

By leaving an empty field you can complete with the first name. 

Last round bonus

As you have probably guessed for the last round there will be only 2 participants. So in order to make matters worse you can consider a really very particular object present in very few copies. For example a postcard from a particular destination. As a general rule, all the guests will then be wondering where such an object could be.

Some examples of pledges

Once again there are no real limits to the wages you can set. Remember, however, that they must be accessible to as many people as possible. After all, you don't know who it might fall on and what that person has to do with it. The idea is that it will be a good memory between the couple and their guests, here are some ideas:

  • Organize a barbecue
  • Go to the bride and groom with a disguise
  • Offer a gift
  • Wish them a happy wedding anniversary in poetry
  • Do housework for the married
  • Plan a romantic evening for them
  • Plan a cinema screening 
  • A camping weekend

As there will have to be one pledge per month, we say that the pledges should have a link with the holidays and celebrations of the current month. However this is not an obligation and as these depend on the country where you are but also on your beliefs, I prefer to encourage on the fact that you have the embarrassment of the choice. 

Wedding games are great ways to get guests who don't know each other to interact. With the game of 12 months for a few minutes the newlyweds are no longer the center of attention. And it can be enjoyable.

You will soon find other articles related to wedding entertainment.

The last piece of advice I can give you is to have fun. Enjoy and take as many photos as possible because these moments are precious ...



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