The beaches of Peru: an option to consider

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The beaches of Peru: an option to consider

Do you want magic and romance for your honeymoon? With the ring on your finger, start this new life together with an unforgettable honeymoon and sublime photos on the beaches of Peru. To fly to the land of the Incas for your honeymoon is to experience intense moments under the sign of romance, tranquility and relaxation with the chosen one of your heart. This little corner of paradise reveals its fascinating culture and spectacular landscapes, far from the beaten track. Something to coo with in an exotic and idyllic destination! Peru is sure to amaze you. Let yourself be carried away by the beauty of this oasis of romance.

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Peru

The charm of Peru is not limited to the Mont Matchu Pitchu and its ruins. With its 2500 km of coastline, Peru remains a small exotic paradise for a honeymoon "feet in the water". The country is home to beautiful beaches of unsuspected beauty to offer you a magical and memorable romantic moment. I invite you to choose among these paradisiacal beaches to indulge yourself in a purely tropical atmosphere and total relaxation.

Among the beaches of Peru: Hanchaco
  • Puerto Inka: far from prying eyes, this beach located near Arequipa will put your eyes on you. Wild landscape, rock formations, turquoise water, fine sand… relax in privacy in a corner of paradise.
  • Playa Roja: What could be more romantic than a romantic getaway in the heart of a steep landscape with your dear and tender one? This wild and deserted beach will satisfy you if you are one of those lovers in search of tranquility.
  • Playa La Mina: in the Paracas National Reserve is this postcard-like beach. Nestled in cavities and surrounded by mountains, this place invites you to relax, get away from it all and discover an exceptional underwater wealth.
  • Wakama: Awaken the adventurous side of you two by spending your honeymoon near Wakama Beach. The charm of this place will not leave you indifferent. Treat yourself to a romantic stay in one of these charming, colorful wooden houses built by the beach.
  • Playa Tuquillo: breathtaking sunny landscapes, a very rich underwater environment, pleasant temperature, calm… all these ingredients make this beach one of the dream seaside destinations in Peru.
  • Huanchaco: for a honeymoon in an oasis of peace, head to Huanchaco. This beach nestled in the city of Trujillo offers unforgettable romantic moments dedicated to water sports and relaxation.
  • Zorritos: Whether you are lazy or a couple of adventurers, you will be amazed by spending your honeymoon in this quiet seaside resort located in the north of the country. Choosing this country is the guarantee of a successful honeymoon trip.
  • Punta Nunura o Shode: let yourself be enchanted by the sweetness of life and the beauty of this wild beach made up of white granite rock formations and sand dunes. You will spend a moment of absolute privacy thanks to the tranquility of this paradise. Nothing could be more exotic than alternating between swimming, relaxation, turtle and dolphin watching, boat cruises… all to do with your partner.
  • Poticas: take yourself for a prince and a princess in one of the most beautiful Peru beaches during your honeymoon. This place immerses you in a peaceful atmosphere, in the heart of a breathtaking landscape.
  • Mancora: it is the most beautiful and famous beach in Peru. In addition to the beauty of the place, the activities available on site will make your honeymoon unforgettable: natural spa, relaxation, meditation, yoga, surfing, diving ...

When to go to Peru?

To celebrate your union with dignity and to prolong the festivities of your marriage, nothing like a honeymoon in Peru. This dream destination will allow you to share a moment for two dedicated to romanticism and relaxation. In addition, this country is available to you all year round. But to fully enjoy all its splendor and its paradisiacal beaches and coastline, travel to Peru during the dry season, that is to say between December and March. You can also plan your honeymoon in Peru during the months of June to August and September to November.

What to do in Peru in 10 days?

To all newly married couples, Peru is a destination for your honeymoon to consider. This country has a lot to offer you, although I started by mentioning its little-known beaches. So seaside stay or moment of discovery, what to do in Peru even if you only stay there for 10 days? Across the country, there are countless things to do and see hand in hand. Let yourself be seduced by the charm of its wonderful cities, each with more different identities than the next.

For the more adventurous, a hike for two in Colca Canyon or in the great spaces of the Altiplano will allow you to forget the rest of the world for a few hours. You can also venture into the Amazon jungle alongside your partner to experience exceptional moments. A magnificent landscape is discovered through desert paths. You can also make a stopover in Machu Picchu to learn together the origin of this Inca city, as well as the history of its ruins.

Lima, Hacienda Concepcion, Cusco, Puerto Maldonado, Puno, Suasi, Sacred Valley, Aguas Calientes… So many other places with unique charm remain to be discovered in Peru. You will never be bored during these 10 days. For an unprecedented honeymoon, do not forget to enhance your romantic stay with a taste journey while savoring the delicacies of Peruvian cuisine. I assure you, your taste buds will be ecstatic.


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