The prowess of pre-marriage meditation

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The prowess of pre-marriage meditation

Are you a young couple with a wedding project? Are you very stressed? Your wedding day is fast approaching. You have the impression that you are not going to be successful in preparing for this great event in your life. Do not be afraid. Meditation before marriage is the key to eradicating stress in the home. What is it about ? What are the advantages of mediation within the couple before marriage? How is it going? 

What does meditation consist of? 

Meditation comes from ancestral religious practices. It is generally attributed to Buddha. The latter felt that it is not possible to separate the body from the mind. Moreover, the body does not dominate the mind. It is not a simple relaxation nor a miracle solution to deal with stress. People sometimes mistakenly think that meditation is like cutting yourself off from the world or creating a vacuum in your head. It is important to get rid of false clichés. Meditation is a very beneficial secular practice. It corresponds to a diverse audience of all ages.

Meditation before marriage
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Meditating is about actually facing your anxieties and thoughts instead of hiding them. The goal is to enter into communion with what surrounds us in a benevolent way. There is no Zen attitude without a minimum relation of consciousness between the body and the environment. This practice is simple but requires some attention. When the mind escapes, it is necessary to refocus on the present by focusing on the breath and the body. Our time is guided by discouragement and frustration among the ranks of men. It is important to go through mediation so as not to feel guilty and especially to welcome things and events with serenity. 

The urgency of meditation for the couple in view of the marriage 

Do you have more than 50 wedding invitations to write? Are you wondering why you preferred such a wedding dress? Will this dress be so gorgeous on this day? Can your wedding decoration be ready on time? What would be the ideal size of the wedding cake? How to organize the room for the guests of your wedding? Won't the vagaries of the weather spoil your party? What if the members of your in-laws don't want to sit in the chosen seat? There are so many questions that make you panic as your wedding date approaches. You are so stressed that you tell yourself that you are not going to make this day unforgettable. The tension is really rising in the couple, especially since you don't have enough time to review everything. Unfortunately, you notice that the list of things to do is not diminishing. Only pre-wedding meditation can allow you to better manage your fear to come to terms with the preparations. 

What are the benefits of meditation before marriage? 

Stress is sometimes inevitable when planning a wedding. Meditation sessions allow you to better manage the preparations for the wedding. The organization of the wedding is generally restless. It is a long adventure which requires several weeks or even months of reflection. From finding the venue, sending invitations or decorating, to the menu, organizational aspects are very trying. These are stages that follow one another. It is necessary to take a distance to prevent major challenges from invading you. Therefore, you should opt for meditation sessions during the preparations. They allow you to manage your stress well. Since this is your very first organization of an event of this magnitude, the to-do list tends to grow quickly with each opportunity. Mediation is one of the best ways to deal with your stress. It is a source of mental well-being. It allows the mind to accustom itself not only to rest but also to calm down. We thus press pause to turn our backs on the anxiety. Meditation before marriage helps control your negative thoughts. To do this, you need to sit in a quiet room, close your eyes, take a certain breath, breathe out slowly and let your worries pass. The scenario has to be repeated several times. 

To get through your wedding day with flying colors, there is nothing better than pre-wedding meditation. You can leave us your comment on the success of your relaxation sessions. Here is also background music for you for your next session.

Source: Meditation and Healing

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