These marriage trends reinforced by the pandemic

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These marriage trends reinforced by the pandemic

In 2020 our life has changed and the world of marriage, in particular, has not been left out, adapting to changes in the society in which we live. What will be new for the 2021 Weddings? Let's find out together what awaits us! The Covid-19 pandemic of this year 2020 has changed our life, our society, our world and our view of ourselves and others. The downturn we've experienced has allowed us to see even more what really matters. This will be the fundamental principle that will guide the organization of events and inspire the trends of 2021 weddings. From there, in fact, was born the need, even stronger, to seek authenticity and essentiality, respect for the environment and the value of being close to loved ones.

Reduced budget

The world of weddings and related services has suffered the greatest repercussions, due to the Coronavirus and the consequent cancellation of any type of event. In reality, demand for marriage services has fallennearly 40 %, compared to the same period last year. The average expenditure for the organization of a wedding, in Italy, it was about 25,000 euros, but today this is no longer the case. The time is no longer for overly sumptuous weddings, 87 % of the future spouses choose, in fact, to budget a minimum standard expenditure, sometimes low-cost, to celebrate their marriage.

Civil rather than religious ceremonies

This trend, growing from year to year, sees the "victory" of the civil rite over the religious. The 2020 data tells us that in Northern Italy, 69% of the future spouses preferred the common ceremony, while only 29% than in the church. Finally, 3% prefer the symbolic version of the rite, but without any official value. In the countries of southern Italy, the trend is reversed: religious marriage was in fact chosen by more than half of couples. However, a increase in civil ceremonies, an ever increasing trend, Year after year.

Celebrations eco-responsible

Already in recent years we have seen a remarkable increase in couples more attentive to eco-sustainability. This desire is closely linked to the growing respect for the environment and the nature that surrounds us. Also in 2021 we will see an increase in the number of couples choosing to organize themselves. hospitality from a totally green perspective, addressing suppliers with a sustainable ethic and zero impact. Yes, therefore, to the facilities with natural materials and neutral tones, to the fresh and local products, for the wedding banquet, and to the details designed in the name of sustainability. In 2021, we will also see the increase of solidarity and inclusive businesses, such as organizations that support minorities, be they gender, ethnic or otherwise, organizations specializing in LGBT + unions, etc.

Open air and large spaces

The key word for 2021 weddings is: open spaces. The desire to go out and be free to be outside, who we missed so much during confinement, will lead 2021 couples to choose large spaces surrounded by greenery, like a country farm, a farm or a place immersed in a bucolic landscape, where you can enjoy the sun and nature. Rustic style - country-chic, for preparations and decorations, will be the most popular in 2020. It "Return" to authenticity it goes well with the care and refinement of details: simple and natural, but still elegant and refined.

Select committee and union in complete privacy

The particular period we are living in has led some couples to move their marriage, while others have had to postpone their preparations to a later date. In all of this, however, the couples also got to reflect on who they really want to be by their side on the happiest day of their lives. Even the wedding ceremonies will be recalibrated to the new dynamics of the moment: one of the trends for weddings 2021 will be intimate weddings, also called micro-marriages, runaway and minimony marriages. It's about small celebrations, without pomp, intimate and collected, with about 20-30 guests, between friends and relatives who you really cannot do without, to experience the event in complete safety, with your dearest and most essential loved ones.


Bridal fashion is also following the trend of simpler 2021 weddings dedicated to nature and the most authentic ailments. The lines of the dresses, which will be the most appreciated, will be smooth, with light, sinuous and floating volumes. The touch of refinement will be given by the veil instead of the veil, by touches of lace and pearls, a little vintage. Yes, finally, with dresses that are not white, but with patterns, for example flowery, delicate and airy.


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