Why do a trash the dress photoshoot after your wedding?

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Why do a trash the dress photoshoot after your wedding?

After the wedding, some people keep their wedding dresses preciously. Some want to keep a memory while others want to pass the garment on to their descendants. Of course, not all of them aspire to these goals. There are those for whom the event is much more important than the clothing. If this is your case why not let yourself be tempted by a photo shoot trash the dress after marriage ?! 

What is the trash the dress?

This is a trend that originated in the United States in the 2000s. You will understand the name of this type of photo shoot comes from the look of the wedding dress.

In a number of cultures, for a "conventional marriage" the bride-to-be wears a crisp white dress. And of course the young lady prefers that it remains impeccable at least until the end of the event. I will pass you the details on the symbolism of this dress color ...

Needless to say, you mention this to provide you with the context. It is possible for a woman to get married with a dress of a different color, or even pants ... I am a fan of traditional Indian outfits for my part.

But to come back to the subject ... The principle of a trash the dress session that usually takes place after the wedding is to tell yourself that it does not matter if the dress is soiled or damaged. The main objective is to take pictures once the pressure of the event has passed.

It is often more pleasant for the newlyweds because it allows them to have less things to think about. Not having to worry about getting her dress dirty or not, or other bride and groom outfit, often makes for beautiful, original wedding photos to add to the wedding album. Your family and friends will surely have as much fun discovering the pictures as you.

Of course you can decide to keep them to yourself or even consider a video format.

© Claiton Lemes

It is common to perform trash the dress sessions in unusual places where it is unconventional to wear a dress: an abandoned factory, at the beach partially or completely submerged, or on a paintball field for example.

Some couples will sometimes try to really soil their clothes with mud, sand, or paint to meet the literal definition. Others prefer to cut out parts such as the train to move more easily for the occasion or to make a skirt. Ultimately there is something for everyone.

The objective of the trash the dress is to shake up the traditional codes of wedding clichés with typical postures. 

Session trash the wedding dress at the beach
© Douglas Farrelly

What are the advantages of the trash the dress?

This type of photo shoot will give your dress a second life. Indeed, in what way you may never wear this garment again a second time. In addition, it is much less common these days for a mother to give her old wedding dress to her daughter for her future marriage. Rather, we are seeing the development of dress rental services.

However, I advise you not to consider a trash the dress session with a rented dress. You would risk losing your deposit and surely upset a merchant.

Where was I? Yes, the possibility of reusing this beautiful dress rather than letting it turn yellow in a wardrobe. A trash the dress session can also be a great idea if you are nostalgic and want to remember the exchange of your vows . Excellent memories to see again and share with relatives, children etc ...

What are the possible settings?

In the trash the dress, anything goes. Nevertheless, it is recommended to remain cautious. By seeking originality at all costs, we can sometimes take risks. The photos in an ambulance are very original but only if it was not part of the plan.

You can consider a staging in a cave, in the middle of the forest, in the air by parachute (long live the thrills) or with colored powders or other fumigants. Ultimately for photo ideas for this type of shoot, the limits are the imagination of the bride and groom and the expert eye of the wedding photographer. Make way for madness in a good mood!


trash the dress photoshoot after her wedding
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I hope this article will make you want to try this unforgettable experience. Soon we will be interested in another style of couple photoshoot: the engagement session.

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See you soon.


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