Gourmet idea: a cotton candy stand for your wedding.

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Gourmet idea: a cotton candy stand for your wedding.

Have you ever thought of a cotton candy bar at the wedding? Your guests could make them themselves according to their tastes ...

A candy bar doesn't always have to have a lot of different candies. Sometimes less is more! The advantage of cotton candy at the wedding is that you can assemble and disassemble it much faster because you don't need much.

What you need for a wedding candy floss stand

A small table with a cotton candy machine on top will surely not only make children's hearts beat faster. With relatively little effort, you can implement a really great idea for your own wedding. It would of course be really great if there was some cotton candy with a few different flavors! You don't really need much for a wedding candy floss bar. A cotton candy machine, a few sticks and, of course, some prepared sugar. Services

Your cotton candy stand

You don't really need a lot of decoration for the cotton candy bar. If you put the sugar in pretty containers, they also serve as decoration. If you then place a small labeled board with each of the containers, on which the respective taste is written, that should actually suffice.

If you don't want your guests to overlook cotton candy at the wedding, put up a prominent sign next to it "Free Tasting". Guaranteed results!


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