Price of a wedding florist: what you might not have thought of.

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Price of a wedding florist: what you might not have thought of.

Behind a successful marriage there are many preparations to be made that have an impact on the overall budget. Nothing should be left to chance in order to avoid an addition that is difficult to settle. Among these little details is the florist's price for your wedding which, in most cases, is downplayed by the bulk of the bride and groom.

However, flowers are essential elements of decoration. So let's see together what to expect and in particular the elements that will surely be offered to you by these providers.  

The bridal bouquet

You may be thinking about reproducing a bridal bouquet that you saw in a magazine or in a movie? Even if you have the option of reproducing the bouquet yourself, it would be better to take a wedding florist and you know it. Specialist in this field, the latter has the necessary skills to copy the bouquet model of your choice. He can even improve it by adding an extra touch. As a rule, in Europe this is an item that will cost you around a hundred euros. However, you will have to multiply the sum by 2 or more depending on your choice of flowers as well as the volume of the bouquet. 

Bride wedding bouquet in hands
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To enhance their outfit, the bride and groom, groomsmen, or other relatives, may choose to add a little floral touch to their costume using buttonholes made of natural flowers. Yes, this article is not only intended for these ladies.

Rose boutonniere
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Although many will prefer an artificial accessory that will last the day and more. Others will contact a florist once again to choose the flower that will suit the colors of the dress code, if there is one. Besides, it can be a part of the dress code in its own right, with identical buttonholes for all the guests. In this case, the most practical in terms of organization is a global order and the delivery of these accessories to the guests on the wedding day. Count less than 30 euros on average per buttonhole.

The floral decoration of the different places

Yes you read that right in the plural. Finally, it all depends on the wedding, the essential being generally your reception hall.

Depending on the theme, there is no doubt that beautiful flower decoration  will be one of the things your guests will remember. But perhaps this will give you the desire and the possibility to add flowers to the link of the secular and or religious ceremony? Some couples opt for other handmade decorative accessories for these last two places but this is also a point on which a professional can help.

Be careful, sometimes you have to rely on the assistance of a decorator. Indeed your wedding florist will surely be able to offer you best flower arrangement perfectly meeting your tastes but the layout aspect in a place is not necessarily one of these skills. Remember to find out well! On this point, depending on the option chosen, count several hundred euros, or even thousands depending, in particular depending on the surface (s). 

Know how to budget expenses on flowers

Maybe you are thinking at this point "I didn't see it like that". Rest assured it has happened to others before you. Expenses related to flowers can quickly become an item that will inflate your wedding budget. Thus, you must pay real vigilance to the budget you want to allocate to them.

You should know that in terms of flowers, the price varies according to the seasons. It is therefore very important to choose flowers in relation to flowering. But also in relation to the holiday period such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day for example. During these periods, the price of flowers rises enormously. To minimize this expense, you must take into account all of these circumstances as well as the rarity of certain species of flowers in your country or region.

Don't wait: book in advance

So that you can have peace of mind in the realization of your floral decoration, do not wait until the last minute to make the reservation. Before hiring a particular florist, you need to do a lot of research. This way, you can compare prices and get the price that fits your budget.

By doing so, you will have time to test a whole range of flower arrangements. Note that if there is a "wedding season" in your area, the florist you contact will likely have more than one request to deal with at a time. And maybe others will be looking for that variety of flowers that you love so much. If you delay in contacting your florist, you risk not finding any at the right time ...

floral decoration

In your quest for the best price, look beyond that popular town hall flower shop. And in the event that your total budget doesn't allow you the luxury of hiring a wedding florist, ribbons, bows, or tulle can be nice alternatives. With a little imagination and time on the Internet, you can always get a beautiful decoration worthy of the name.

I hope this article has been useful to you, do not hesitate to share in the comments what your flower budget was for your wedding. You can also join us on Instagram or Facebook and send us some photos of your most beautiful decorations. We share it regularly with the community. 

We look forward to seeing you again very soon.


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