Wedding Photographer Award: Everything You Need To Know

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In this article, it will be a question of revealing to you certain elements making it possible to explain the differences of the price of one wedding photographer to another and especially to avoid falling into the trap of " cheap photographer". There will be some tips to help you choose the right wedding formula. And to come with some tips to help you reduce the overall bill. But this will be the subject of a future article so without further ado I let you discover the theme of the day.


Hey siri give me the price of a wedding photographer

“The most suitable answer would be which one? " 

Do not try this at home I have not tested it myself, ^^ 'However, I hope you understand the idea. 

Because indeed the prices for wedding photographers are very variable. They depend on your country of residence, often the size of the event, the period in which it takes place and various other factors. 

I will come back to this last point in a moment….

But this there it is decided you get married. The date is set and you want everything to be perfect. Despite the evolution of society, this event remains a special and memorable moment in life. And the wedding photos, which remain the main physical memories of this day will be appreciated for years or regretted just as long…

I will certainly repeat it several times in this article but: Do not entrust anyone with the responsibility of immortalizing your marriage and keep in mind that the services of a professional photographer come at a cost.

The photos are fine, but there are other costs.

Maybe this thought has already crossed your mind and you are right. 

The costs of a wedding are often well above our daily costs. And this sentence is true whatever your monthly income. Let's say that the expense will often be proportional to your usual lifestyle even if theelopement perhaps the exception that proves the rule. But I still get lost, where is the photographer in all this? 

Well, generally the price of wedding photos is ranked 4th in the budget. After the caterer, the reception hall, and the dress. Note that I have not sought to put these three elements in a particular order. I do not count the alliance because very often it is part of a separate budget. The same applies to The honeymoon, during my research I discovered that it is very variable or even non-existent depending on, cultures, countries ...


illustrations of the main costs of a wedding

From what I could discover wedding photographer award represents between 10 and 15% of wedding budgets. If you thought to put 5 figures in this event and devote 4 figures to your photos you may have misjudged the service….

Choosing the right one is not easy, especially when you see the number of different results that you get after a Google search. A wide variety of options and packages are offered with price differences of up to x10. So let's start by seeing together what is included the price of a wedding photographer in general:


The shots on the wedding day.

I am not teaching you anything, it is surely the first thing you have thought of. 

Indeed, you pay for the presence of the photographer at your wedding but also and above all his expertise, his experience. I often say that a professional photographer is also an adviser. His knowledge of framing, staging and his mastery of light will allow you to obtain the best rendering. 

The fact that he is accustomed to the world of weddings allows him to anticipate so as not to miss the best moments. But it is also able to guide you on other aspects. The reason why I started the blog of this site moreover. 

As I said above when looking for a provider, you get a large number of results, but you have to think about comparing what is comparable. Check the attendance times, chat with the photographer and ask in particular what his price includes before making your decision. For example, some offer an engagement session, before the wedding in civilian clothes, or another a few days after. Take this into account and don't forget to inquire about travel costs…

The assistant, the second shooter and the minions.

A wedding photographer working alone or in a team is the question… 

You may not have to ask yourself because it is not always easy to know whether your provider works alone or not. So of course if you are looking for the lowest price you already say to yourself "alone is perfect". But I will still explain the missions of these people with whom certain professionals collaborate.

- The assistant: it helps with the transport and the preparation of the material. This greatly avoids going back, accidents, or clumsiness for example. Yes, that's a true story ... Ahahah. He can be in charge of answering emails and calls, allowing the photographer to devote himself fully to the photos.(Thanks Lily)

- The second shooter: it is useful when there are a large number of guests, but not only. Taking a picture of the preparation of the bride and groom is not always easy; sometimes you even have to recreate the scene another day (magician's secret). To avoid this, a second shooter is welcome.

- Editors, retouchers and designers: Your service provider can be excellent at shooting without being good at retouching or designing albums. In this kind of situation, it is always better to call on someone better than to provide an average result.

You will understand that all these complementary players can be called upon for support and generally to provide you with the best customer experience.


It was mentioned briefly but it is a fact. Whether it is done by your wedding photographer himself or he uses someone, post-production will be part of the price of the service

Yes, for a professional photographer, a wedding doesn't last a day or two. Once everything is finished for the guests, he will have to save, sort, crop, and sublimate the shots taken. Backing up may seem like a quick step, but it's one of the trickiest. Unlike photos from a book shoot, those from a wedding cannot be rescheduled to be resumed.

For my part, I very often have three backups on different supports and a gallery intended for the married (e) s but also another intended for the guests. This leaves customers the choice of whether or not to share their couple photos.

Always to compare what is comparable, if you have to put the prices of 2 wedding photographers side by side, remember to check if the production of a photo album is included, as well as prints, enlargements, and if so how much…

Equipment, maintenance, insurance ...

Photographer equipment illustrationYou may never have wondered how much a photographer's camera costs, but as an example I let you consult take a look at my wedding kit. For information, some kits can be much more expensive. 

In summary, often 2 cameras, 3 or 4 lenses, flashes, tripods, batteries, high-performance memory cards. Oops, you're starting to see the bill swelling. This is the "high performance" effect ahahah.

The example provided represents as of the day I write these words, more than 8000 € made available to immortalize one of the most beautiful days of your life ... Some suspected but if I had asked the question, many would have been far from the mark. And yet, I think it is important that couples ask themselves what equipment their photographer will use. 

Also, when a camera is a working tool just like a car, you have to think about maintenance and very good insurance. Because if the bride and groom are looking for the best price for a wedding photographer it is certainly not then having to reimburse a camera on which an overly alcoholic guest would have poured a glass of champagne. Is not it?

Supply and demand

Depending on the expertise of the wedding photographer, and the date of the event, there will also be an impact on the price. 

A photographer with an empty calendar will be more inclined to lower their prices than one with reservations for 24 months, for example. The season has a lot to do with it in some countries too. 

Stay alert! You may not be looking for the crème de la crème of the wedding photo, but beware of the overpriced prices. They often hide a lack of guarantees. And this in terms of quality but also in case of unforeseen events. And that you want to avoid believe me.

Activity and marketing costs

Beyond the many hours that your photographer will give to your wedding, remember that this provider will also have costs related to the activity. 

There are different statuses to exercise and with each of them come different taxes that will draw on the income of these professionals. The lower the amount requested for the service, the more you will have to wonder if the activity is well declared. And above all, what are your guarantees as we mentioned a little above.

Similarly, if your photographer has professional premises, a studio, for example, may affect the final amount. There is little chance that the cost of hosting his site or printing his business cards will have an impact on his prices, but if his offers include prints they will be taken into account. Consider asking the question.

Choose your mechanic carefully: forget Uncle Georges!

Yes, you read correctly. 

After all, the professional photographer can be compared to a garage owner. They are generally called upon for their knowledge and results. And in the same way that there will be a price difference between the neighbor who tinkers to make ends meet, the local handyman and the franchise; you will find significant variations in the prices of photographers. 

So do not expect guarantees if you call a photographer performing full coverage of a wedding for less than € 500 ... It will already be surprising if photography is his regular activity. By choosing the extreme economy, you may choose a cheap photographer who will have no solution for you if his equipment stops working on your wedding day. 

What about you?

Keep in mind that technology has certainly advanced in recent years, but taking a good photo is not just a question of the camera. 

The management of the light, the development, the angles, are important elements to know to restore emotions, an atmosphere, etc ... 

Even if you feel that the photographer is a bit expensive considering your budget, it would be wise to prioritize quality over price. Your wedding is a big event and you will not have a second chance to get amazing photos.

Forget uncle Georges and his brand new camera which has a lot of megapixels… 

"It is not easy to know who we are dealing with" you might. And for this, I prepare an article on very specific questions to ask a wedding photographer before hiring him.

Young happy couple during the reception of their wedding

A 4-digit invoice for 1 day ...

It is expensive, some would say.

Very often the future (e) s married (e) s have this image of the photographer who earns a fortune by keeping his finger on a button from 11h to 20h, goes home counting his tickets and sends them 1 month later a USB key which cost him nothing. "Wow easy money, can I work with you?" "

But what about reality? You should know that the activity of shooting on the wedding day is only the tip of the iceberg. Both the photographer and the caterer work for the wedding long before the day of the event and very often after…

Let’s take a look at this from the moment he’s contacted:
- Response to 1st contact (10-30min)
- Appointment meeting, negotiation and answer to the first questions (1 to 2:30)
- Additional exchanges and signature of the contract (+ - 1h)
- Preparation interview. (1-2h)
- Verification, cleaning, and preparation of equipment. (1h)
- Outward journey (variable)
- Taking pictures on D-Day (From 5 a.m. to 3 p.m.)
- Return journey (variable)
- Backup and secure files (1-2h)
- Sorting of images (1h30- 4h)
- Touch-ups (4:30 am - 3:00 pm)
- Exchange with the bride and groom on the validation of the photos (1h)
- Uploading of a gallery for guests (1h)
- Design of the wedding album (3-5h)
- Design validation interview (1h30)
- Album order (10-30min)
- Control of the final product 30min
- Hand delivery or shipping (30min-1h30)

These are the standard activities of a wedding photographer….

Besides, some of my colleagues will say that I am very kind in my estimation. And that I don't mention the time spent on marketing, accounting, possible location finding etc. Which is not wrong…

Many couples have a vague idea of what it costs to provide a photographer. It is very often because they are not aware of all of the steps previously mentioned but above all because of "cheap photographers" they find on the net. It is not uncommon to hear future customers negotiating saying "I have only a small budget I only need a few photos at the town hall just 1h or 2 of your time". They do not realize the time it takes in reality and they are among the most demanding experience afterward… 


Is it possible to reduce the price?

 The short answer is yes. 

But it would be a shame to just tell you that. This is why I am preparing an article on how to negotiate the price of your wedding photographer.

Some colleagues may hate me but do not hesitate to leave your comments in the comments below. 

What did you think of this article? Was it useful to you? Let us know in the comments below.

Before you leave, remember: Paying the right price means allowing a serious professional photographer to devote himself fully to your project and to invest in quality tools and supports used to create your memories of unique moments.

Take care of yourself and see you soon.
Looking forward to reading from you. 😉

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