Marriage proposal: how to avoid messing up?

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Marriage proposal: how to avoid messing up?

A marriage proposal is a special event and it should be treated as such. And if you're reading this article it's a safe bet that you agree on this point.

This marks the start of a long journey with your partner that deserves to be treated with some planning care.

I'm not saying you have to have every detail under control, because the unexpected can hold great surprises. But, I'm pretty sure you'll agree that some of the items on the following list are worth considering to put the odds in your favor.

Enough chatting, let's go:

Don't confuse speed and haste.

You met this person on social media. From 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. you receive poems like never before.

This time for sure it's love at first sight!

After a week you start talking about moving in together, about honeymoon, Caribbean cruises ...

If this story seems exaggerated to you, well tell yourself that it is not that much.

It is said of love that it blinds and I must say that I quite agree on this point. Sometimes the proposal is won in advance but it is all that comes after that is a failure.

There are many ways you can run into the right person and express how you feel in many ways before you drop to one knee.

Refusal during a marriage proposal

But beyond a possible scam, haste is really a point that can make you miss your marriage proposal. If the person in front doesn't feel ready or has the feeling that it is happening way too quickly you increase your chances of getting a "No!" .

However, the reverse is also true. Do not wait for the break-up to hope to reverse the process by attempting a marriage proposal ...

Think about it!

"She said yes to me in front of the Eiffel Tower, it was magic!"

Location should be at the top of the list of factors to keep in mind when planning your marriage proposal.

There are certainly a thousand and one ideas that will go through your mind when it comes to the location.

Restaurant, beach, or even maybe a stadium during an important game. But whatever your choice, ask yourself the right questions.

For example, is your partner comfortable with a crowd. It would be a shame if it ended with a panic attack… This is also a point addressed in another article on small committee marriage. But I digress.

So we said ... Doesn't the place evoke a bad memory? This little forgiven infidelity, for example ...

Sometimes it's good to envision a new setting that is different from everyday life. But nothing prevents you from choosing a place that is particularly meaningful to both of you. Like where you meet, your first date or your first kiss.

Your marriage proposal is an opportunity to send a strong message. “I want to spend my life with you”. But it is also, why not, the opportunity to say “I've not forgotten”. Whatever your choice, if possible try to take a look before to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Oh yes speaking of place: ask your partner in marriage during a parachute jump may seem wonderful .... But I strongly advise you to wait until you are on the ground to put the ring on your finger. 😉

The famous engagement ring

How can you miss his marriage proposal with the ring you say to me? The size of the stone? The number of stones? The overall cost?

No no none of that. Some people like to say that size doesn't matter, well I assure you it's quite the opposite. But in this case the size in question only concerns the hands, and more precisely the finger which will receive this ring.

It is a very bad effect to apply with a ring of a very unsuitable size. And on the contrary, aiming right shows your attention to detail. Of course, you will probably have to be cunning for this and maybe ask for the help of his friends, or relatives. But the game is worth the candle, isn't it? However if you make a mistake don't panic, most jewelers will tell you "Yes" if an adjustment is necessary.

But regarding the ring, there are other points to take into account. In particular a possible allergy to certain materials. If, for example, your partner is not wearing any jewelry, this might be something you should check out.

Also, if you decide to opt for a very original engagement ring, make sure that the person you give it to is ready to wear it. Even around the neck under a T-shirt ... otherwise it would be a shame.

Also be careful that your partner doesn't notice the ring case until the big moment. I have also noticed that many people are now opting for small, ultra-flat and discreet boxes like this one available on Amazon so as not to let anything show. A small detail to avoid spoiling a surprise.

Finally if you plan to put an inscription on your wedding ring, think of something clear, not subject to interpretation. Avoid thinking of a post that can be reused if things don't go as planned. It would be to lose out. And above all, carefully check the engraving when you pick up the ring at the jewelry store. It would be a shame to ask Nicky with a ring with the inscription “C + J forever”. Very soon on the site a complete article will be dedicated to the choice of an engagement ring to help you in your research.

The weather forecast: when to propose?

This time I think you can imagine what I'm going to write. Because yes the weather can really ruin everything.

Especially if you are counting to kneel down when proposing to marry. With or without an umbrella, a downpour in when to apply it is especially beautiful in the films and much less in the facts.

However, embarking on a moment like this can also be a mark of determination. I'm quite mixed on this point to tell the truth.

Think especially of a plan B in case the weather is not good when all the other elements are there.

Ah yes ! With the weather goes the outfit. Know how to highlight yourself while choosing an outfit in which you will be comfortable. To propose is an exercise that can quickly increase your stress. Don't overdo it with clothes you don't feel good in.

Family approval

It is no longer relevant for a young man from to ask the hand of a young girl to her father will you tell me? After all times change, it happens even nowadays that they are the women kneeling.

This is quite true, but are you sure that this is also what the person to whom you are going to make your request is thinking? Do you know his parents or have you subtly avoided every opportunity to meet them?

Far from me the idea that if you do not have this approval it is a waste of time. But be sure of one thing, if for your future half it is important to have the approval of his family, trying to avoid this step will not work in your favor. At best, at the critical moment, you will experience a temporary or permanent refusal. At worst, it will resurface with each argument after your marriage ...

You should try to find out his opinion on the subject. Besides, there may be reasons behind it.

What do you know about your partner's culture?

Preparing a bride

The uniqueness of your partner's culture is not something you can afford to ignore. Knowing her will help you do things right.

Each culture, region, religion, country and social class has a different way of celebrating marriage and the stages leading up to it. There are many different and fascinating traditions and customs that people all over the world follow.

In some cases this involves the exchange of gifts between families and couples, for example. It is a form of respect to know how to be attentive to this kind of thing.

"If the practice of a religion is part of the daily life of your future half, you should find out if there are any particularities linked to the union of 2 people" someone told me. And you might think that this advice is only valid in the case of two different cultures, but not only.

What is your state of mind?

Am I making a mistake? We barely know each other ! What knee to put on the ground? What if I am entitled to a “No” in public? This diamond may be too small… I think I forgot what I wanted to say… Wasn't I writing an article?

Stop! Stop! You already have one knee on the ground and your laces are tied. It's time to say what's on your mind.

This may sound contradictory to you after all that has been said, but be prepared to forget all of the previous paragraphs. Every couple is different and so are every situation. Keep in mind that like all rules these too are meant to be broken.

If when you wake up you can stay 1 hour watching him snore, thinking about your little shouting sessions with a smile on your face. And when you open her eyes you just want to say “I can't imagine my life without you anymore”So get started. Even without a ring it can be worth it.

Avoid doing it after a too drunken evening, the message may not be fully received ^^.

More seriously, if you share a real bond, that it has been going through your head for a while, or that you are already ready to take the plunge. Without your mother repeating it every day of course ... Once in front of the plane door, don't think too much ... Jump!

One of the best ways to mess up is to never make up your mind to do it.

And in the facts? How to make a success of my marriage proposal?

Deciding to make your marriage proposal can be one of the most stressful times in a couple's life. And I'm not exaggerating when I say that for some people it is even more so than marriage itself.

There are many who would like to have the perfect recipe to get the "yes!" so anticipated. And on the net you will easily find guides that will present the most romantic, original, funny, letter form wedding proposals Or other. (I will put you a small selection in video a little lower by the way).

But there is no perfect way for it. No foolproof methods. Just inspiration maybe like on this page.

It is an important decision that we usually take alone in the hope of being two at the finish. So if you really want to put the odds in your favor, think above all about making her happy. Ask yourself what this person would like or dislike. If on a daily basis you already make him want to share your life ...

Because after all this proposal is more a question of substance than of form. I have witnessed marriage proposals in the privacy of the beaches of Mexico ... But also in the midst of relatives, friends and passers-by in the middle of Hong-Kong ... And you have surely seen someone answer "Yes!" even before the question is asked ...

The way is important but it is well before asking the question that a lot of things are played out.

However, as I mentioned above, it remains an opportunity to send a message. So if you are apprehensive about this exercise, the best advice I can give is: Practice and stay true to yourself. Be authentic! Take notes if it helps you there is no shame in it.

beach marriage proposal 1

Which knee to put down for a marriage proposal? (Bonus)

Several times I have been asked the same question ... What a knee to put on the ground to make your marriage proposal and not miss each other? Here is what I could find on the subject. The short answer is: the left knee. The wedding ring box in the left hand ready to be opened with the right hand.

And why will you tell me? It is above all a tradition. The fact of putting the knee on the ground is a form of "submission". A way of saying I offer my life to you as certain men did in front of their king when they became a knight, ready to give their lives for him.

According to some works of theology, the fact of put the right knee on the ground is reserved for God. Depending on your beliefs you can choose to follow the traditions or not. Be careful not to get stuck on the ground if you have knee problems. And avoid putting both knees, the pose is much less elegant than with just one.

One last tip!

Attention sponsored paragraph hahahah.

Between us, I doubt that the presence of a professional photographer can prevent you from missing your marriage proposal if it is doomed to failure ...

However, if he witnesses a “YES!” It could be the start of a series of memorable shots for you. Photos are the best way to keep a memory alive for centuries. But not just anyone's photos, especially in the smartphone era when everyone became a photographer.

Hire a professional photographer who will capture high-quality images to perfection of the day you signed up ...

I usually say that in choosing your wedding photographer you will not get a second chance. But in fact it is. If you hire someone to immortalize your request, this is your chance to get an idea of what you would like to reiterate or avoid on the wedding day.

Besides This article was written to help you with your research.

Express yourself in comments: What did you think of the article? What would be the ideal marriage proposal for you? And if you've already done it, did everything really turn out the way you imagined? I leave you with a little Top as promised.

See you soon.


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