Wedding raffle: a trend that pleases.

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Wedding raffle: a trend that pleases.

Historically, families, newlyweds, and wedding planner have redoubled their efforts to make the happy day of the two lovebirds original and unforgettable. Recently, the wedding raffle spread very quickly which made me want to write an article. We will therefore see together how to organize this wedding animation. How it unfolds. And above all, some ideas for lots for your next organization. Enough procrastination, it's time to start. 

Bring your wedding to life in a different way with the wedding raffle 

It is no more and no less, a genius idea to animate a wedding in a friendly and accessible way to all. More than just a game, it's a fun way to liven up a wedding ceremony. This changes traditional wedding animations such as, "the garter", or even the 12 month game... 

It's perfect to wait before the dishes are served at a reception or just before dessert. 

How to organize a wedding raffle?

As this is not really for financial purposes, tickets are usually sold to guests at nominal prices. Moreover, it is not obligatory either.

In some cases, they are even distributed for free, arranged on each table next to the cutlery. However, a guest who has nothing to offer the bride and groom may find it a good idea to make a contribution by purchasing one or more tickets. With the added bonus of the chance to win a prize. But in my opinion the main objective should not be to raise money. 

For this purpose it is better to look at a pot or a wedding urn if you want my opinion. But let's resume ...

Once all tickets are sold or distributed, the raffle can begin to determine the winners of the prizes. The facilitator will choose a child at random to make the draw. It is the bride and groom who will distribute the prizes.

What about the ticket design? You can choose to draw and print yourself but if you wish. But to save time, it is possible to order them very easily on the net. Simple solutions with numbers or even more original ones to scratch like lotto games. All at an often ridiculous price.  

What prizes should you prepare for your raffle?

The initial goal of this type of wedding game being to liven up the ceremony and have fun, the gift ideas are mostly "funny".

It is not necessary to plan for gifts that are too ceremonious and too serious, such as a shirt, perfume bottle, or a series of crockery. But it is still quite possible. It's up to you to decide.

The weddings that inspired me this article had a fun and quirky approach. The name of the lot inspired something that doesn't quite match the lot itself.

Here are some examples so that you can understand what I mean by that:   

  • "A dishwasher", which is actually a pair of gloves or a sponge, accompanied by washing-up liquid;
  • A "medieval evening" ticketwhich would in fact be a crown and a cardboard sword!
  • A "clothes dryer", with clothes pegs and a clothes line;
  • For a stay in a Thalassotherapy Resort, it could be a postcard from Savoy or better still bath salt, and massage oil.
  • A "luxury convertible" could be a miniature car.

The names of the lots may sound grand, but the point is to surprise your guests by translating it into simple things that only make you think of reality, or that imitate it. Don't be too hard on your guests though, especially if there is only one prize to be won and someone who is sensitive could get upset.

I met a very teasing couple who had indicated "a lot capable of granting a wish when you believe deeply". Laughter and applause when we brought a "candle" to the winner. In the room we could hear a whisper "you had to think about it haha". The young woman very fair play pronounced her wish without delay by wishing the couple to always remember the best. 

You can also put into play bottles of champagne to take away or a personalized bottle of wine "Cuvée des mariés". As a rule, it is not the time of the value but the fact of being named the winner that appeals to them. 

Also what in my opinion is great is that it is also quite possible to surprise them once again with a gift that exactly matches what would be mentioned. 

For example it could be "a trip to Europe" with a Smartbox

Finally here is the organization of a wedding raffle seemed to me to be an interesting subject to share with you. Tell me what you think in the comments. Soon I will do a global article with different wedding entertainment ideas. Until then I wish you the best. 

See you soon.


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