Sponsored wedding or how to get married for free

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When we think about organizing a wedding, the budget is often one of the most worrying elements. How to make a dream event happen without breaking the bank? Without borrowing from the bank. Without having to save years or solicit relatives. Well, there is a solution that is growing in the United States but is less known to the rest of the world: sponsored marriage . The solution is intended to lighten a significant part of its total billing. And it is no exaggeration to say that it is almost possible to get married for free .

Remember that in many countries such as France, civil marriage is free. A fee may be charged for the religious ceremony if you decide to have one, but this is usually not the most expensive part. In fact, it is rather all the aspects related to the reception, the honeymoon, the outfits, the wedding rings, etc… In fact, you will see the price increase if you include services that aim to make the event unique in every way.

Wedding sponsor what does it consist of?

Well yes, what is a sponsored wedding ? Let’s start by answering this question.
Sponsored marriage is a concept that engages two parties. These are service providers and future bride and groom. Providers are, for example, caterers, a car rental service, travel agencies, or even the person in charge of designing the wedding dress. In other words, all the partners who will be involved in the marriage. The idea is to get a discount on the required product or service in exchange for advertising. Discount more or less important and being able to go until free. Hence the goal of some couples to get married for free.

Indeed, gaining visibility remains a major concern for company managers. The question that often comes up is how to find new customers? Companies therefore do not hesitate to invest massively in the promotion of their products. They thus allocate budgets in traditional and digital communication channels. The only problem is that consumers now want to see concrete things. In practice, prospects want for example to discover with these eyes the style instilled by the decoration once fitted into a room. A decorator can thus agree to decorate the reception room free of charge. That said, he should be convinced that there is real interest in his business. Don’t expect to convince a professional by promising to place a small sign with his logo on the children’s table…

How to get your wedding sponsored?

It is a vast subject and the methods are multiple. It depends on the type of wedding vendors you want to convince to sponsor your wedding . The question had been raised in an article on negotiating a cheap wedding photographer . But we could summarize this paragraph in 3 steps:

  • Knowing the provider well
  • Have the know-how of real communicators
  • Show perseverance

Preparation is often crucial. After all, why should a professional agree to work for your wedding for free? What benefits could he derive from it? To find an idea capable of convincing you will need to know the person and their values or their business. The more you know your interlocutor, the more you will know what can convince him.

There are many methods and it would be impossible to describe them all. The key word is creativity.
Of course, if you have an audience comparable to those of wedding influencers on Instagram , the process can be simplified. For example, if you know the webmaster of the local radio site, you can negotiate an advertising space and thus have a discount in exchange for visibility.

And even without special connections your readings can help you. You can negotiate a discount on a quote in exchange for a little creativity related to your readings. For example on our Lifeview wedding blog we will soon add a section on real weddings that have taken place. This could represent several hundred visitors each month who will discover, for example, these magnificent centerpieces offered by the service provider you have used. You imagine? Being a blogger or wedding blogger could save you money!

Admittedly, all of this can represent a personal investment of time, but if you achieve your goals, it’s a significant gain for your wedding budget. And then to propose an article, it is within everyone’s reach. Share useful information, your experiences, you can also write tips. You don’t have to write as much as I do, I assure you ;-).

It is also possible to use search engines to look for dedicated websites. You could, for example, search for ” sponsored wedding reception ” or possibly recontact couples indicating on forums that they have had recourse. If you contact the provider referring to that previous sponsor, they may be okay with starting over. Especially if the event in which he participated dates back a long time and it bore fruit. It is also possible to make a call for tenders via your social networks. Try and you will see.

What are the disadvantages of a sponsored wedding?

Despite your enthusiasm, and the potential gain, the concept has drawbacks. Make sure you fully understand the terms of the agreement and formalize everything with a contract. How will your image be used? Your personal data? What place will it take in your event? What are the imposed things?

Be all the more vigilant if it is the service provider who takes the step of proposing a sponsor. Some may request the incorporation of an advertising poster on the dress of the bride and groom, or on the vehicle…

My opinion on sponsored weddings?

The sponsored wedding is an interesting alternative when you plan to prepare a big party. However, be aware that providers are not always enthusiastic about funding the full cost. Do not be too greedy especially if what you offer in exchange can be made by another couple.

I hope you enjoyed this article, tell me in the comments what you could accept in exchange for a reduction as well as what for you is unthinkable.

Looking forward to reading you…

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