4 Questions to ask yourself to prepare for your wedding (+ Bonus)

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4 Questions to ask yourself to prepare for your wedding (+ Bonus)

Marriage, in the life of a couple, is the major event that leads to the fulfillment of all the promises made to each other. It is a unique, wonderful and magical moment, which requires very meticulous preparation. Everything that contributes to its full and total success should be taken into account, and no aspect should be overlooked or overlooked in its organization. That's why once you've officially decided to say yes, there will be 4 questions to ask yourself to prepare for your wedding.

How to prepare for your wedding

To this I added my bonus question. A question that surprised all the couples to whom I asked it. But that also caused so many smiles and looks full of tenderness that I am obliged to share it with you.

Who ?

This is the first question you must ask yourself. Who will be present at your wedding?

Your partner, of course, but who else? Your witnesses? How many will you have? Do you already know to whom you will entrust this role? How to choose the right witness and what will be his missions? From a simple question here you are with a multitude ... And that is the objective of this article. You help get off to a good start. Take out a notepad and a pen, let's continue.

We could stop there for the “Who?”. Correct me if I'm wrong in most countries, to celebrate a wedding we don't need anyone other than you (the couple), one or more witnesses, and the officiant (the person who unites you). Certainly it does a marriage in a very small committee but it could be a choice: a celebration in complete privacy.

Otherwise you will have to make a list of your guests. Parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc ... Take note of all the people you want to invite. I recommend that you make 2 separate lists, yours and your partner's. Write the names very quickly at first, you will sort later. Be careful to take children and accompanying persons into account.

Once this review is done you can move on to the next question.


Easy question, don't we do that this summer of course. 🙂

A moment ! Don't go so fast. How much time do you have left before the envisaged period? Are you sure you will have time to prepare everything? As a general rule, the wedding checklist lasts 12 months, although in some rare cases it is resolved within a few hours.

Remember that you will have very little room for negotiate the prices of providers such as a photographer if the deadline is short or the date chosen is in "high season". The “When?” Can have a huge impact on your wedding budget.

And then, if you plan to invite people, will the niche be large enough to have the time to prevent them and get them organized? And then, will it be during the week? A weekend ? Over one or more days? If there is no urgency, pull out your calendar and select potential dates, you will refine with the next question.

Or ?

Some of you may think "of the town hall naturally", but once again this question hides many others. You might have the option of getting married abroad, have you ever thought about it? Or maybe in your garden if this is allowed in your country. Will the places you think about be suitable to receive the number of guests you have previously planned? What about the honeymoon ?

Define the "Where?" it is also to wonder if there will be religious ceremony or only civic one. So we are already in the next question.

How? 'Or' What ?

How is all this going to happen? Would it be wise to call on 1 wedding planner ? Will there be a theme? A dress code to respect ? How to save money? Find affordable accessories for decoration...

At this point in reading you must think that I am trying to depress you, but not at all. On the contrary, the points mentioned are important to facilitate the organization of your wedding.

Our articles already published are intended to assist you in certain reflections. Others are to come and you can contribute with ideas for topics in the comments of this publication or by joining us on networks like Instagram or Facebook. The exchanges we have with you inspire us to new editors. You are a bit of the Lifeview team too. The bonus question is the only one where it would be very difficult for us to help you. But who knows ... Maybe there will be a subject on it too ...

The bonus question for preparing a wedding well is ...

So much suspense to share with you this question that I had the opportunity to ask several couples, of all ages, that I have met. Quite destabilizing when asked face to face, it almost always provoked the same reactions. Astonishment, looks, smile, response ... Not always in that order, moreover, but most of the time it's just magic ... So: "Do you love each other?" 🙂

to prepare well for your wedding c & #039; is above all to love

In any case, it's a pleasure to see that you've made it this far. You can answer this last question in a commentary, tell about your first meeting, when it became obvious to you, or even suggest themes for future articles.

Looking forward to reading you...


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