Wedding Speech: Preparing for D-Day

wedding speech under the care of a wife


The summer period is slowly approaching and with it begins a new wedding season. The future grooms of this new “promotion”, if we can call it that, often see the arrival of sunny days as the end of the countdown for the big event. 

It is a complex mixture of stress and impatience. It is then felt when reviewing the last arrangements almost minimal but yet essential. You know, those little finishing touches that make all the difference.

In the midst of all this, the couples will prepare their vows for the exchange of the rings. But they will not be the only ones to prepare for the speaking exercise for the famous wedding speech.

When the guests sing loudly “A speech, a speech! It may be you, the witness, the relative or the friend they are inviting to the front of the stage.

A speech you say?

Oh the ugly words that may give you sleepless nights and surges of stress just like others may have done before you.

If you are currently preparing a speech to be recited at a wedding, there are many questions that you will probably ask yourself.

What will the guests think? Can I say this or that? Would I be funny or boring?

And in the final moments you may be looking for ways to reduce your stress before opening your mouth. The pressure could seem very even too great ...

But rest assured it will go.

The vast majority of people around you will be there for someone dear to them. Your audience will therefore be very kind if you show it too.

Two spoons of Sympathy and a dose of sincerity.

Limiting yourself to these basic principles which may seem obvious ensure an excellent speech that will leave a good memory in your memories.

Make no mistake, making people laugh is not always the best way. Thus remembering embarrassing moments, past conquests and dubious or vulgar errors of youth are practices that it is better to leave to the comedies of the 7th art.

However, these are errors that continue to be repeated and which can lead to embarrassment which is not our objective.

All speakers have their own style and anecdotes, but there are very basic rules and if followed, this results in a wedding speech great and lots of friendly hugs.

Don't panic, everything will be fine.

wedding speechIt takes guts to speak before an assembly and even when it is made up of relatives and friends it is not easy.

The first to get started will certainly have more pressure and stress. If you are one of them, don't worry, it's completely normal.

Take a good breath and breathe out slowly. Make sure the inspiration fills the lower abdomen first, then the chest rather than the other way around.

Your posture will play a major role. But it would take more than one article to detail this aspect. If this topic interests you, the bestseller “Show them who you are” by Amy Cuddy is made for you.

Speaking postureEither way, think about bulging your chest and pulling your shoulders back. If you have a document containing your ideas try not to keep your eyes on it, take a look and raise your head.

No need to try to hide your "cheat sheet" by bending over to read it again, it is not a school assignment. Instead, try to stay as straight as possible. This will boost your confidence and make your breathing easier.

Putting out a good speech is about being engaged with your audience in reading a story. Narration requires personality and emotion in the voice.

It's like reading a story to a young child or telling your friends something while having a good time. Likewise, it is very important that everything is properly structured.

Speech should have a beginning, a middle and an end. If you are one of those who do not like to recite, take the time to list your ideas. This will give a common thread and will not prevent you from improvising.

Those most accustomed to the exercise will ensure that the conclusion recalls the beginning of the statement.

wedding speech under the care of a wife

That little something

Vibrate those present with details that will appeal to their senses.

For example “I remember that every time the school bell rang on Monday morning we were the last 2 in the math class. The heart beating at high speed after having climbed the steps 2 by 2 to try to arrive on time we arrived in sweat in front of the door of Mrs. Lecal ».

It would not be surprising if by reading these few words you imagined a ringing or a race on a staircase or the effect of having your heart pounding.

This is what guests need to feel while listening to you, and this is what these details are for that will appeal to their senses.

Your wedding speech is not on Google.

What you will say on D-Day must be unique. A story that is truly yours and that no one has heard before.

To be memorable your speech must be a part of yourself. And that you see there is little chance that you will find that on the Internet. Finally you will tell me these days ...

But let's move on!

If you want to sing do it, it's a great way to relieve the pressure. If your wedding speech seems short, don't worry.

Remember the maxim, less is more. It's better for guests to want to hear more from you than to wonder when it's going to end.

For writing note your ideas as they come and then formalize everything. Keep a note book handy or possibly an app on your mobile such as Evernote

This application has the advantage of being available on multiple supports such as smartphones, Mac and PC tablets. You can organize your notes in different notebooks and share them.

One more time avoid memorizing your speech. Trying to recite it from memory will take a lot of effort and may increase your stress. You should rather have your full concentration on what you are actually saying.

Before speaking on D-Day, it would be good to be able to read it to someone you know and ask their opinion. It should be with an honest friend, who will tell you without reserve what there is to review and correct.

The most important advice to remember is also the most obvious: "Have fun" "Have Fun" as English speakers say.

This speech is certainly intended for someone you appreciate or to thank loved ones for being there for you. Let your emotions run wild, let go and the stress will vanish.

Ah yes tell us in comments what you think of these tips and if there are similar topics that you would like to see addressed.

Looking forward to reading you…


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